Recommendations for cotton, non-iron shirts.

A while back I bought some 100% cottons (80s cotton) no-iron shirts from Men’s Wearhouse. 1 of them has worked out wonderfully. It always looks crisp and nice right out of the dryer. The other 2, not so much. I ALWAYS have to iron them. It’s not just a couple of wrinkles here or there, the damn things look like I slept in them (I don’t).

So, anyone got recommendations for some other non-iron shirts? The cotton/poly blend ones I have are OK, but I am specifically looking for 100% cotton dress shirts.

I’ve heard the Stafford ones at JCPenney are favored by consumer reports, anyone got experience with those?

Also, I am really not going to spend more than 40 or 50 dollars on one shirt. I have 2 kids and I guarantee these are not going to last me a “lifetime” because one of the kids will goop me with something. If it’s a place that has regular sales, then I’ll consider it if I can find them on sale sometimes.

Brooks Brothers. The shirts are pricey ($79), but if you buy 3 for $199 during one of their 25% off sales (sign up on the website to get notifications), they end up about fifty bucks each, and well worth it.

Good shirt discussion here:

Seconded, the Brooks Brothers no-iron shirts are much, much better than all the others I’ve tried. The construction is better, the cut is better, the materials are nicer, the buttons don’t break, etc. If you can stomach the price, or find them on sale, they are definitely worth it.