Recommendations for Mixers to go with Flavored Rum

A few weeks ago I was in St. Thomas, and I bought some liquor tax- and duty-free. 3 bottles of Malibu rum for $9 each. :eek: I figure what with Thursday being New Year’s Eve, it might be time to finish them off.

I have a bottle of Passionfruit, a bottle of Pineapple, and a bottle of coconut. NOTE: Pictures are for reference only; I am NOT shilling for whatever website hosts those pictures.

I’ve found a great mixer for the coconut rum: pineapple juice! A sweet and tropical delight, and about four of them will have Mrs. Homie putting out like it’s going out of style. :smiley:

Any recommendations for the passionfruit or the coconut???

Would a suggestion for use in a recipe, rather than a drink, help? Nigella Lawson has a recipe for chocolate sauce with Malibu to serve with grilled pineapple.

Otherwise I’m not much help. I do like mixing coconut Malibu with coconut milk, but that’s a bit boring.

Coca Cola goes nicely with all of them!

Orange Juice & Pineapple rum.

I like to mix the coconut rum with 7-up. Really nice and refreshing on a hot summer day - and, since the drink is clear, you can take it into the pool with you!

Orange juice and coconut Malibu is delicious!

Pineapple-orange juice with coconut rum is out of this world. Add some Sprite or 7-up, and it’s even better.

Pineapple rum makes a nice Mojito.

Mint and pineapple? Really? Huh.

I had some pineapple, orange juice and Malibu in BVI when the OJ was running low. 10 minutes later I remembered, “Oh yeah, pineapple gives me incredible heart burn.” Much :smack:ing and Tums followed.

But it was quite tasty.

Take a tall glass. Fill it with ice.

Add 2 jiggers Vodka
Add 1 jigger Malibu (the original coconut)
Add several ounces pineapple juice
Add the same amount (or a little less) of orange juice
Float a small splash of grenadine (well, actually it’ll sink, but you get the idea)

Yum! You can also shake this and serve it as a fruity martini/cocktail - also good.

It’s very fruity, and sweet, so keep that in mind if you’re not a fruity sweet drink drinker. I joked with Mr. Snicks that if I were a) male and b) back in college, I’d call this concoction the Panty Dropper.

Got it from a bar we went to recently. I’d forgotten how much I love pineapple juice.

Sorry, another use for your coconut Malibu (I’m afraid I don’t have any ideas for the other two!): tropical white russians!

Take a small glass, fill with ice.

Add 1 jigger Kahlua
Add 1 jigger Malibu (the original coconut again) - takes the place of the vodka in the original
Fill with cream, half-and-half, or milk, whatever moves you

The tiki bar I frequent around here makes this, they call it the Coconaut. It’s quite tasty. Again, it’s pretty sweet.

Coconut with ginger beer (or ale, if you don’t like your drinks to burn).

Alternatively, throw it away. Malibu is horrid.

A few weeks ago I made what I think of as a “cocojito.” Make a mojito with coconut rum, plenty of lime, and leaving out the mint. Since I lurves coconut and lime, I found it wonderful. (And yes, I did drink it all up, and it did not give me a bellyache.)

A Cuba libre with coconut rum is also killer.