Record minimum time before being banned

I’m not entirely sure where to ask this. It’s not a technical question or concern ATMB, and it hardly warrants a general question. And this is where bannings etc seem to be discussed.

So please move if appropriate.

I noticed that someone was banned pretty damn quick recently (and after reading some of their dumbass posts I’m certainly not dissenting on that decision).

But it made me wonder: who holds the record for being banned for the first time the fastest, and why?

I say “for the first time” to rule out of contention those people who are banned, then start posting immediately under another name and are therefore banned again forthwith.

Hey and I suppose while we’re on the topic, who holds the record for the maximum time on the boards (and perhaps highest post count) before being banned? I’m thinking Wildest Bill, perhaps?

Quickest banning? Well, there were some screen names that were banned before the user even got a chance to post (the SN was something like “Cecil Sucks” or something blatantly obvious).

As for your last question… well… I’d probably guess it was Satan. I still miss him.

Wasn’t JDT banned much faster than Satan?

I miss Satan as well. He was the Mary Tyler Moore of Evil.

Umm. Mary Tyler Moore of Evil? What is that exactly?

And I think I have to modify the rules slightly. Who was banned the quickest for the first time for the content of their posts?

The Mary Tyler Moore of Evil can turn the world on with their smile. They can take a nothing day and make it seem worthwhile.

Well, it’s not like we keep track of these things. But we have banned people after one post, if (for example) they were spamming. It doesn’t happen all that often, luckily, and sometimes posters that start out as spammers shape up after a stern e-mail from the staff. That doesn’t happen all that often either, though.

So, in short: the record is definitely one post, or within a few hours if you want it expressed in time.

With regard to your second question, I think SPOOFE nailed it. Satan had about 5000 posts when he got banned, IIRC.

Since this type of thread generally attracts the wrong crowd, and since the questions have been answered, I’m closing it. For future reference: ATMB would have been better.