Recovering my firefox bookmarks/extensions/add-ons after a crash....

So, my computer crashed recently, and I’m in the process of getting things back to normal. One thing, though, that’s particularly troubling is the thought of rebuilding firefox, which I had honed over the years to my exact needs.

I was able to recover all of my old firefox files before reinstalling Vista, and I thought that maybe I could just reinstall firefox and then throw all of my old files into the Mozilla Firefox folder. Didn’t work.

Is there any way I could use the old “Mozilla Firefox” folder to get my bookmarks/extensions/add-ons back on the new firefox I just installed?

What you want is your profile folder, which is not located under the Mozilla Firefox folder in Program Files. By default it’s in %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles. In XP the %appdata% location would usually be C:\Documents and Settings<username>\Application Data. In Vista I think it’s C:\Users<username>\Application Data.

Once you find the old one, copy its contents over the top of the ones in your new profile folder, replacing files which already exist. This should get you back pretty much everything.

So, I guess, now the question is can I run recovery programs while still using my computer?