Recruiting 1-2 players for the He Hate Me Fantasy Football League (19 years running)

League thread

He Hate Me is the longest running SDMB fantasy football league at 19 years. It’s a 14 man league, and we are currently 2 players short (well, possibly one, depending on how we feel about off-board recruitment) this year. It’s a simple keeper league, where you can keep a player up to twice, incurring a 2 round cost to do so each time. As a new player, you could inherit the roster/keeper list of one of the old teams.

We draft the day after labor day, Tuesday, Sep Sep 7, at 8:30pm eastern. It’s a standard snake draft. I don’t think the league has a rule that attending the draft is mandatory, but it is strongly encouraged since the draft is a lot of the fun and it’s kind of boring to play out an autodrafted team anyway.

We don’t have a lot in the way of requirements. As long as you won’t quit mid-season because you’re doing poorly or bored, that’s probably good enough. Posting in the thread is encouraged. If you’re interested in getting into SDMB fantasy football, go ahead and post in that thread that you’re interested.