Fantasy football recruitment thread

I’m going to use this htread to try to recruit for the SDMB fantasy leagues, but if you’ve got a league short of people and want to advertise here, that’s fine, just describe it here.

We have 1-3 slots open in the all-pro league (two slots are currently undetermined due to draft scheduling conflicts that we’re trying to resolve). But at least one guaranteed.

The all-pro league is on its 13th year (14th if you count it’s semi-predecessor). Originally it was a test bed for trying to come up with optimal fantasy scoring systems and rules, but we’ve been around so long that standard leagues have adopted a lot of what we were pioneering and caught up to us. It’s an auction draft league, 12 man, tends to be pretty competitive. Draft will be in about a week - I’m still working with people to try to determine the best draft time for everyone, so likely Tuesday-Thursday next week (28-30th) sometime between 7:30 and 8:30 eastern depending on what we work out.

He Hate Me keeper league has actually been around longer than that and is the SDMB’s oldest league at 16 years. It’s a 14 man league with a normal snake draft in which you can keep 3 players from year to year with some limitations mentioned in the thread. We’ve got two slots open and the draft will be Tuesday, Sep 4 at 8:30 eastern (maybe made a bit earlier if needed)
The Big League will be in its 10th year. It’s a 20 man league, which makes it play out significantly differently than normal leagues simply because there aren’t that many players to go around and finding gems in the lower echelon players is important. It’s an auction league with the draft on Wednesday, Sep 5 at 8PM eastern. There’s more variation in draft strategy available in these leagues because you go pretty far in terms of values from normal 12 man pre-rank lists and pretty much have to determine your own strategies on the spot. Because of the large nature of the league there will be a lot of auction bucks chasing little talent. It’s pretty unique. We may have up to 5 slots available in this league depending on a few people who sometimes make late appearances being unsure.

If you’re interested in any or all of these leagues, you can post on their respective threads, this thread, or PM me directly and we’ll get you set up.

Still looking for people for all three leagues. If you’re inexperienced at FF that’s okay as long as you do your best and play all season.

The all-pro league drafted and He Hate Me is now full, but we still have up to 3 slots left in the Big League.