SDMB Fantasy Football recruitment thread

I’m going to use this thread as a place to recruit for the SDMB leagues I run, if you’ve got a league you need people for feel free to use it, but try to be complete about describing what people would be getting into.

As of now, the SDMB leagues need one player for the He Hate Me keeper league, and 4-5 players for the Big League.

In a semi-related note, I’m also recruiting from the SDMB Pick 'em and Survival leagues if you’re interested in that. It’s not fantasy but it’s football-related competitions.

The Big League is unusual for its size. 20 is the maximum yahoo allows and presents a new sort of challenge. You have to dig deeper and find more productive guys at the end of a roster and sleepers, beacuse there aren’t as many players to go around for that many teams. It creates a lot of different viable strategies that you don’t see in conventional leagues, like choosing between a couple of high priced superstars and scraping together a roster of sleepers, or trying to maximize production per dollar by loading up on the cheaper guys who will never be stars but have moderately high floors, or anything in between. It allows more sorts of strategies and unique teams than you see in other fantasy leagues. It would probably not be your best first league if you’re learning, but it’s an interesting challenge as an additional league different from ones you might already be involved in.

Attending the draft is mandatory to play in this league. This is an auction draft league. You cannot draft a viable auto-drafted team. Yahoo’s default valuations are for 12 man leagues, and because we have more money chasing the same pool of players, the cost of our players is way higher than the default values and you’d never win a bid. You would not field a viable team. There are also ebbs and flows within the draft which make it less predictable than most drafts so that even custom pre-ranking (while better than the default) would likely be very difficult.

The draft is on Tuesday, Sep 6 at 8:30 eastern. You must be able to make that draft.

He Hate Me is the longest-running SDMB fantasy league at 14 years. It’s a 14 player, fairly straightforward keeper league. Every year you can keep up to 3 players that you drafted, kept, or traded for last year. It incurs a 2 round penalty (so a 4th rounder is kept in the 2nd next year) and has a maximum of three years for any keeper. It’s a standard snake draft which will occur on Monday, Sep 5 at 9 eastern (Labor day).

The roster still up for grabs is

No Use For A Name
3. (34) Peyton Manning (Den - QB)
4. (51) Jason Witten (Dal - TE)
5. (62) Seattle (Sea - DEF)
*6. (79) Joique Bell  (Det - RB)
7. (90) Stephen Gostkowski (NE - K)
*8. (107) Jordan Matthews  (Phi - WR)
9. (118) Philip Rivers (SD - QB)
*11. (146) Alfred Blue  (Hou - RB)
12. (163) Zach Ertz (Phi - TE)

If you don’t like that roster it’s really not a big deal - a significant number of people end up having zero keepers every year and starting fresh, and probably less than a third of the league has more than 1 keeper most years. You can either use a keeper from that list, or just start fresh this year and start keeping people next year to put your own stamp on the team. You can change the name of course. The person who takes over that roster also gets 5th in the drafting order and the #5 overall pick.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here. If you want to sign up for either league, go ahead and introduce yourself in those threads, or PM me.

I’m going to bump this thread, in case there are people who missed it the first time.

The He Hate Me league filled up, and we’re at 19/20 in the Big League and still need one last recruit there.