Red and green should never be seen except on the dress of an Irish queen

Does anyone know the origin of this? Googling turns up some variations but sheds no light otherwise.

I had always heard it as blue and green should never be seen. Nothing about the Irish queen, though, and since I like blue and green I wear it anyway.

<looks down at shirt and pants>

Huh, I’m wearing blue and green right now.

Lots of theories on the origin.
Never heard the “Irish queen” one.

I’ve always heard “RED and green should never be seen”, either as a victorian adage against a woman’s gaudy outfit, or as a nautical saying about how you don’t want a ship sailing straight towards you!

No idea the truth though.

I’m glad you weighed in, irishgirl. Makes me wonder if “Irish queen” is in there just because it scans. The queen could just as easily be Swedish or Scottish or Spanish.

I’m with everyone else on blue and green. For that matter, one of the Google hits was a discussion in which someone said their dressmaking teacher taught them the adage, the second line of which was “brown and blue will never do.” I like brown and blue together, too. :slight_smile:

I was always taught to avoid red and green except around Christmas. I’ve never been told anything about blue and green. Seeing as jeans are my everyday clothes, and everyone says green looks the best on me, I wear green and blue all the time.