Red Dwarf.....the return

Good news for all smegheads,R.D. has four new episodes coming on a Brit cable channel,Dave.
This from the Independant media section so its gen.

And now you know as much as me.

This…interests me.
I’ll never see it here, of course - it will just bother me that it’s out there and I can’t see it.

So many rumors over so many years…I’ll believe it when I sit down and am watching the opening credits roll.

My Confidence is swayed by the respected news outlets reporting the plans for new episodes as established fact, but my Paranoia is waiting to see what happens with Danny John-Jules’ sentencing for common assault next month before getting all gleeful and stuff.

That’s too bad about Danny John-Jules. Cat is far and away the coolest character (IMHO) in the show.
“aaaaaaaaawww! How’m I lookin’? I’m lookin nice!”