Reddit bans pro-Trump forum due to rampant hate speech

Reddit is wild and wooly and overall resembles an unmade bed. But this is some forthright action from the top! Bravo!

Holy crap, they actually banned The_Donald?!! Wow!

They banned a pro-Trump forum. I don’t think Donald himself ever posted in Reddit.

The_Donald is the name of the forum.

I know, but I wasn’t 100% sure the poster knew that, since we sometimes refer to trump here as The Donald. My bad. (Sort of.)

FWIW, Trump refers to himself as The Donald, so one can see where the confusion could come from!

Unfortunately, it happened about six months (A year? A decade? Time is weird right now) too late. The_Donald was pretty firmly muzzled a while back, and so the denizens thereof have already moved to other fora, like /r/conspiracy and /r/conservatives.

However, it’s nice to see Reddit finally taking some responsibility for the environment they built.

Twitch has temporarily banned Trump for hateful action.

I think they banned a far left leaning forum too (chapotraphouse), but I haven’t heard that much about it as it doesn’t seem to make that big of a splash.
I think they also changed their policy to ban hate content, except for content that is against the “majority”. That sort of hateful content is apparently still allowed.

THere is currently debate on what that means, or how wise that is.

So where did those head off to?

There is a unrelated but similar in format forum where the alt-right types have gone. I’m not going to say the name but it’s easy enough to find.

This really isn’t as big a deal as the media are making it out to be. /r/The_Donald was effectively muted months ago when reddit removed a bunch of their moderators and since then it hasn’t been very active.