Are redheads more horny that others?

Do you mean natural redheads or do ones out of the box count?


Mine was.



I’m here to get my horny redhead, 5’ 3" (or less), 125 pounds (or less), Flame red hair (none of this Auburn-stuff), natural (no bottled hair color and whoever mixed up that “female U2 fan red color” should be shot), Alabaster skin, green eyes, Freckles are always a plus (Tongue-connect the dots is one of my favorite games).


That others what? That others explode when they see them? That others will synchronize their periods to them?

Well I’m not.

Males or females? Or both?

The version I heard was not that they were necessarily hornier, just that they were wilder in the sack. I think it came from teh idea that they have wild tempers.

You want references or a demonstration?

I don’t know of any scientific studies on this, so I only have personal anecdotal evidence to provide … I have dated mumblety-mumble women in my life. Of those women, three were redheads. I have engaged in sexual intercourse with three women in my life. Specifically, those three redheads. Take that for what it’s worth–viz. very little, but not, I think, nothing.

If I’m any indication of the average redhead, then … um, yeah.


I was with one redhead (sexually) and compared to all of the other women I’ve known in that way, she was comparatively passive. That’s the nicest way to put it.



Yeah, that’s almost exactly my experience.

It’s a Daily Mail article about a limited study in Germany, but here’s a cite.