Redirecting Ads

I’ve been getting redirecting ads from a website ( every time I load a page here. I’m on my Android phone if it makes a difference.

By “redirecting ad” do you mean an ad that takes you off of the SDMB and takes you to the ad page?

It will redirect me to a new offsite webpage stating that it will send me back to my previous page in 10 seconds, or click here to visit the advertisers page.

Just checked the trackers, etc in Ghostry and that site isn’t shown, so it’s probably related to your phone.

Virus -

Ah. That is what I get for letting my son play with my phone all day.

I bought a friend’s one year old a $15 “iPhone”. It does pretty much all a one-year old needs to do on a phone; swipes left, makes noises, etc. Just a thought.

Here it is!