Redux: more slang terms' equivalent in Spanish

In today’s Baldo comic strip, three of the five panels show Baldo jumping. In the last panel he tells his girlfriend Estella, “Leap Day,” and she answers “Doofus Day.”
So I’m curious: How would one say “doofus,” as Estella meant it, into Spanish?


“Pendejo” means different things in different countries. Here in Perú is closer to “asshole”.

¡Carramba! It’s a good thing Baldo is Mexican, not Peruvian. His girlfriend wouldn’t call him something like that!

AIUI, Here in Texas, pendejo means precisely that.

My Salvadoran ex girlfriend would use pendejo, tonto, terengo and pasmado. A Bolivian I used to work with always used carajo. I think trolo also means stupid in some countries, but I learned it to mean homosexual while in Argentina.

Boludo is another good one.


Carajo is more la “Damn!”.
“Trola” means dick in Perú

“Boludo” has a distinct River Plate (Argentina/Uruguay) feel.

That’s very good.

“Huevón” too, but it’s a bit harsher.

Loco? :dubious:

*Bobo *means foolish and is milder than pendejo.

Pendejo also means pubic hair.

No no no no… loco means crazy, not stupid.

A man is driving along a road beside a high, whitewashed, spike-topped wall, when he gets a flat. He stops, changes the tyre and then can’t find the screws. There are several people watching from inside the wall, holding onto the spikes. One of them suggests “why don’t you take one screw from each of the other three wheels? That way all four have three screws and you can go on.”
“Oh wow thank you! That was smart!”
“Hey, I’m loco not tonto!”
Tonto, idiota, estúpido, bobo, aboba(d)o, modorro, imbécil, atontolina(d)o… (the (d)s are supposed to be there in writing but do not get pronounced unless it’s by someone giving a speech).

ONE r.

Wouldn’t anyone hopping around just because it’s Leap Day be, you know, kind of … unhinged? :dubious: :confused:

Y ¿cómo se dice eso en español?

Chalado, mal de la cabeza, mal del coco, como una puta cabra, me da lo mismo si la cabra cobra o lo hace gratis

I almost brought up idiota, and was going to ask if it wasn’t as common as I think, since I mostly hear it in English speaking contexts. In other words, it was just used because it’s a very obvious congnate.

But then I realized that this thread is about slang, and idiota might not qualify–hence why it had not yet been mentioned.

But now that Nava has mentioned it, how common is idiota? And how strong?

I was going to say bobo as well. Also menso – “rather stupid.”

“Qué indio/a” where they draw out on the first syllable of “indio” is another one I hear a lot from Central Americans, especially El Salvadorans.

Okay…but not at all PC. Basically, saying indigenous people are a bit dense.