Reeves and Mortimer

I’m curious as to how much exposure (if any) Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer may have enjoyed in the USA and if so, how they are received…

Given that Morecambe and Wise never made it over the pond (a damned shame, if you ask me), I’d be surprised in R&M have.

The last time I was home, BBC America was showing nothing but three hour blocks of Changing Rooms and Ground Force. The horror… :eek:

Morecambe and Wise did so make it over the pond! I used to watch them on PBS when I was a kid.

I’ve never heard of Reeves and Mortimer, though.

Reeves and Mortimer played at the Montreal Comedy Festival some time in the '90s (during the Vic Reeves Big Night Out period). As I recall they performed a musical number about Vic’s “lucky carpet” to stunned silence. How their agents must’ve winced.

There’s another thread in this forum that seems to be sustained entirely by devotees of Charlie Dimmock and Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen. I shudder to think what they’d make of The Man With the Stick, the Stott Brothers or Donald the Sweaty Fox. But then they never thought Monty Python would cross the channel did they?

This is slipping into a Morecambe and Wise thread, but I note that the Broadway transfer of The Play What I Wrote is apparently being adapted into something less M&W specific, precisely because of the fear that New York audiences won’t get the references. Actually, I didn’t think the London version, which is more a comedy in the style of M&W than an imitation, needed that much tweeking. That said, the American couple next to me when I saw it in the West End seemed to enjoy it until the ending. They got most of the jokes up till then, but the fact that the rest of the audience knew exactly what the ending had to be, yet they didn’t, seemed to slightly freak them out.