Reference in Dr. Pepper Fansville Ad

Been meaning to ask this for a while, but today’s probably the last day that this commercial is relevant:

The background is that Dr. Pepper has been co-marketing the College Football National Championship game throughout the season with ESPN. The story line is a parody of a mystery of some type. Every time I watch that ad, the girl screaming “Are you wearing a wire? ARE YOU WEARING A WIRE?” makes me think that it must be a reference to something else in pop culture. Am I right?

I don’t know that it’s something more specific than, “Nearly every undercover cop movie, ever.”

I don’t think it’s a direct reference to any one particular piece of pop culture, more of a general allusion. I love that line reading, though, and the ad campaign as a whole. My personal favorite was the kid with the soccer magazine stashed under his mattress and his father’s disgust at finding out his wife experimented with other sodas in her youth.
Also, I didn’t realize that the sheriff was Brian Bosworth until I read it this morning. He’s an even better actor than Les Miles.

I know that “wearing a wire” is common in television and film, but I was referring to the way she screamed it. If it’s not a reference to anything else, then props to the the actress.