Refractory Period: Where'd it go? (TMI)

There is an unfortunate event during sexual stimulation involving a male that follows ejaculation. It is known as the refractory period. The refractory period is a time when a male is unable to immediately have another erection and as a result is not (typically) open to further stimulation or ejaculation.

I’ve been sexually active for a number of years, and I’ve come to know the refractory period as an unfortunate but ubiquitous experience following the climax of stimulation. Until recently.

I cannot fathom why it is so, but recently I have been able to maintain a full erection and continue sexual stimulation despite having a full orgasm and ejaculation. I’ve read that such a thing is not unheard of, but my question goes beyond this.

From what I’ve read, I’ve had the impression that when a male is capable of this, they have always done this. For me, it is a recent development that happens about every other time I engage in sexual stimulation. I’m 21 years old. Why has it changed now? Is this unusual, or unheard of?

Have you, er, started taking certain email advertisers up on their offers?

No, the only sort of “treatment” I’ve had lately consisted of two tylenols earlier today.

:::checks his supply of tylenol:::

You’re 21. All manner of miracles are possible. If you can manage this at 51, then I’ll be amazed.

New girl/boy friend?

No, same lady for about a year now.

I’m just very curious as to why this is developing now. Anyone have any ideas on it?

FWIW, I have never had much of a refractory period at all. I can usually go at least a couple times before I take a break. However it isn’t as grand as it seems, the lady usually wants to stop before that becomes an issue. The trick is to mix activities up to give her a breather.

I don’t have a refractory period either. I can either stop or not stop. (I tend to feel satisfied but I can also be quite greedy sometimes). If I don’t stop the blood stays in the caverno-whatchamacallit tissue and things continue as before. Except that each orgasm is increasingly difficult to chase down until eventually there’s one dancing out there beyond my reach and I run out of steam.

You lucky, lucky bastards. I hate you.

Don’t spread the hate Scupper, as it’s apparently something that can develop rather than being intrinsic.

AHunter3, you say you also do not have a refractory period. Were you always like this, or did it suddenly change a point in your life?

Rather, I mean to say, were you always like this, or did it suddenly change at a point in your life?

It seems one thing I have yet to develop is the ability to preview a post.

1 out of 5 times I have no refractory period so to speak. My erection maintains for several minutes after orgasm. Usually it remains unused since my partner and I are both satisfied.
When I was 13, 14… I had no refractory period… but alas no other person to enjoy it with beside myself.


I thought this put her at risk of an embolism.

I think I was always this way, although it may have taken me a while to realize the, umm, potentials.

Just a data point - never encountered the refractory period. Didn’t know it existed before this thread.