Registering a friend

I would like to register a friend who says she can’t afford the fees right now. How much is a one year subscription?

The fees are zero to be a Guest here, like the vast majority of us.

I want to pay for her membership so she doesn’t get the pop up adds, I found the price 14.95 per year and am wondering if I can pay that for her once she registers

Unfortunately, paying for someone else’s membership was broken a while back, and it hasn’t been fixed yet.

One workaround that some folks have done is to give someone else temporary access to their account. Then the 2nd person uses the 1st person’s user control panel to pay for the membership for the 1st person. After that, the 1st person then changes their password so that the 2nd person doesn’t have continued access to their account.

Just let us know in advance if you are doing something like this so we don’t think anyone is socking.

Can you just give her the $14.95 and then she registers herself?

Better still:
[li]Ask your friend what “name” they want to use to register.[/li][li]Register them under that name and pay the $14.95 for them.[/li][li]Give your friend the password so they can start contributing.[/li][/ol]
Addendum: If you go this route make sure the mods know ahead of time you are doing this.

This sounds good