Finally after many months of general faffing about, The Brotherhood of Nogg has arrived.

Feel free to hijack this thread for your own purposes, as I don’t think this event deserves the whole thing to itself.


I’ve never heard the term “faffing about” before. I like it.

I even took the time to update my site, I accuse Chique of storing bodyparts under her bed, I opened the “Abuse EggNogg” section and theres even a lovely picture of my legs.


Wait a sec. I don’t remember seeing pictures of your legs anyplace…

You’ve confused me, and now I can’t tell your egg from your elbow.

Unfortunatly the oxygen stealers at geoshities have managed to lose some of my pages which also means the picture of my legs has gone AWOL.

egg :frowning:

jJust signed up, EggNog. Look for me there.