Hello everybody!!!!

Hi, I am new to these boards–just thought I’d introduce myself! How is everyone?:o

I dunno how everyone is, but I’m alright.

Nice ta meetcha, moongoddess.

Oh, could be better, could be worse. I have this ache in my knee, and my teeth are pulsating. Tonight I’m going to be totally alone, debating with myself whether I should call up this girl I know straight out of the blue, or if that’s being presumptuous considering she’s never given me her number (I got it out of the book, though, sitting there beckoning…). I also have a video to capture and edit, I guess I’d better get to work on that soon…

Anyway, so how are you?

Welcome moongoddess.

You DO understand that Crunchy Frog will be here soon… telling you to “Bite Me Newbie”.

It is standard operating procedure on this board that all newbies MUST bite Crunchy Frog.

It’s nothing to get alarmed about.

I thought you should know.

Hey now, moongoddess! I hope you have as much fun as I am having here! :smiley:

Smug said:

It’s true. I bit Crunchy Frog yesterday. Tasted just like chicken.

Hello moongoddess! Welcome to the boards.

Now about that user name, does that mean you are the goddess of the lunar moon, or are you the goddess of the practice of mooning.:smiley:

Welcome to the board! I’m another newbie, trying to pad my post count before wandering off and finding something more productive to waste my time on.

Have a good time here, don’t let the trolls bite. Speaking of which… would Crunchy Frog mind if I rubbed him down with a banana and got my rabbit to bite him instead of me? It’s far more likely than I am to leave an interesting scar…

Be seeing you!

Hello moongoddess!

Welcome aboard.


Welcome, Moongoddess. I’m welcome you in from the dark, but I suppose you’re supposed to shine from the dark…

…you realize, you’re hooked, right? This board is a drug. You won’t see friends who aren’t Dopers as much, you’ll be bringing in other to join…


Welcome, Moongoddess!

Nice to meet you all! And I will definately be on the lookout for Crunchy Frog!!:eek:

Whoops! Seems like I’m a little late!

Hello, moongoddess! Nice to meetcha! hands her a delicious casserole and gives a welcoming welfish hug


I’m fine thanks - and you?

I’m off to a James Bond party tonight - wanna come?

I’m great Iguana Boy!

James Bond, eh?? Sounds…interesting.:wink:

To everyone that replied to my post, sorry I couldn’t reply back to each of the messages individualy, I wanted to! It seems that these message boards don’t allow for that??!!!:confused

What you need, moongoddess, is a sponsor. Someone experienced, who is a real Board bad-ass, to stick up for you when people pick on you unfairly, or tease you. Someone that can watch out for you and make sure you don’t get discouraged and leave because you stop having fun and learning things.

It helps if she is a lesbian vampire too. Hmmm…wonder who could work for you…you’ll have to ask someone I guess. :wink:

Welcome, moongoddess!

(You lucky one…I would jump at the chance to have someone like Anthracite sponsor me!)

Welcome aboard, moongoddess. Don’t worry about crunchy, he’s perfectly harmless. We tamed him long ago.

Hi moongoddess and welcome to the Straight Dope.

It’s about at this time I should tell you that these boards tend towards the addictive side. In other words, real life will soon become a faint buzz in the periphery of your senses. It’s really better that way… :slight_smile:

Hi there. I’m tired, but glad you’re here. G’nite.