Iwas just wondering, what is your parents cousins relation to you? are they great cousins because your parent’s aunts and uncles are your great aunts and uncles? sorry if this is confusing. Please respond.:slight_smile:

They are cousins, once removed, IIRC.

once removed? what’s IIRC??

Also called a second cousin. IIRC means “If I Recall Correctly”.

If I Recall Correctly

thanks :slight_smile:

Also, here’s some family relationship charts available. I haven’t had a chance to look through most of them yet, but there seems to be a good number out there.

Sorry, no. The children of two first cousins are second cousins. They share a common great-grandparent pair. First cousins share a common grandparent pair. Third cousins would of course share a common great-great grandparent pair.

The “removed” part indicates a generational difference. Your first cousin’s kid is a first cousin once removed to you. Your first cousin’s grandkid would be a first cousin twice removed to you. lel’s charts spell it out, if you click on the right one.