Relationship not working out??

Re: this .

And I quote:

Man, those Canadians play rough!!

Let me just say… Owie. Double owie actually.

Let me just say: “No sir, I don’t believe that’s possible,” he said. “Why would she have picked me up by the testicles?”



:wiping tears from eyes:

Note to self: don’t pick up women from Ontario. :eek:

Oh, come on. I can’t believe she was convicted. Why would someone try to inflict damage on someone with a diamond set into a ring? It would be fairly difficult wouldn’t it? That doesn’t make any sense. Her version sounds a lot more credible to me. Although, I join in the “owie” sentiment.

I’ll bet that’s the last time he ever says;

“Nuts to you!”

I just love that headline:

Relationship Not Working”

Hmm. The second part is kinda a given after the first, ain’t it?

Yah… you’d think so, wouldn’t you? I know that if MY girlfriend sliced me open that way, I’d have some serious second-thoughts!!

suddenly very, very afraid…
Hey, I LIVE here… not all Ontarian women are like that…


Damn! I’m busted!