Relative size of, um, female parts

Help settle a debate: Do smaller women (including, say, midgets or dwarfs) have small (shorter, less wide) vaginal canals than, say, a 6-foot tall woman? In other words, assuming that a heart or lung is proportionately smaller is small people, is the same true for something like a vaginal canal?

Well based on my size and length my wife is about ten foot tall.

Yeah… within limits. It’s approx the same as men where median penis sizes are somewhat related to body size, but not entirely. It’s not entirely unusual to have larger men with smaller penises and smaller men with larger penises. I’d imagine the same bell curve applies to women.

So yes, a male basketball player and female gymnast might have a hard time achieving full penetration, and a female basketball player and a male gymnast might be like (insert your metaphor) but moist people will get by.

“Moist people”? :smiley:

That’s one demographic…

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Well, it certainly helps…

The only time I got to discuss the size of body organs in relation to overall body size with a medical professional, in this case an RN, she insisted that body organs were all the same size regardless of the size of the person. So, for example, Andre the Giant’s liver would not have been any bigger than Kate Moss’s. She did not know what filled the otherwise empty spaces that larger people would have had between their organs but did not see this as a problem.

I don’t have any real basis, but I’ve got to doubt this. Does it really seem plausible that my liver - that is, the liver of a five-foot-tall, hundred-pound woman - is the same size as Nikolai Valuev, a boxer who is seven feet tall and weighs over three hundred pounds? He’s two feet and two hundred pounds bigger than me, and that’s not all bone and muscle weight.

I don’t think that was a typo. Nice job. :slight_smile:

Well, according to that article he’s a modern nerandothal, so I’m not sure that the comparison is valid.

This is certainly incorrect. This article documents a positive correlation between liver volume and lean body mass and total body weight.


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I’ve not heard there’s any big differences (oh shut up) and can safely say that I have not had any serious problems in that department what with my dwarfism. If certain things are any smaller than they’re not unusually so compared to most women.

Also I don’t think too many of us would appreciate the size of our vaginas being a matter for debate among a group of guys, which is my reading of the OP.

As a consumer of pornography, it’s apparent that there is, externally at least, as much variation in the female sex organ as the male one. Labia and clitoris vary in length and thickness as much as penis and testicles do.

And I’ve seen porn involving women and men with dwarfism (pretty universally, and annoyingly, called “midgets”) and if you could not see the length of their limbs you could not identify that they were not of average height by their sex organs. Their average height partners had the above-average penises the market demands and their vaginas seemed to be as capacious as that of any average height woman.

MRI studies comparing a woman at rest and during sexual stimulation show a dramatic increase in the size of the vagina during sexual excitation.

Edit: No offense intended to Whiterabbit. But the same questions are asked of people of above-average height. In order for ignorance to be fought, we have to identify it.

I know, which is why I posted at all. There is a lot of ignorance out there.

Speaking of Valuev: judging by this picture of him and his wife, we can only hope one of them is unusually proportioned for their stature.

This has been asked, and unfortunately, not answered here.

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