Remember me? Wyldelf returns from the pits of darkness

I know it has been a hell of a long time since I have wandered in here but I have been busy saving the world. Life as a superhero isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

I am not sure if there are too many people on here that I still recognize - MikeG I know you are still floating around - but I look forward to re-aquainting myself with old friends and making new.

So I just wanted to say hi again and that I missed you all.


Yes, I remember you. Very glad to see you back, wyldelf.

Don’t worry if you don’t know me. I get a lot o’ that. :slight_smile:

Aren’t you the cute redhead chick? If so, I know I welcome you back!

If you aren’t, then why aren’t you?

Hi Guys

Ice Wolf - I remember you - never fear! I just wasn’t sure that you guys would be able to dredge up the memories from that long ago!

GuanoLad - yep - I am the little red headed chick - mmm cute - i am not so sure - but if you say so I am not going to knock the compliment back at you!!!

It is good to chat to you both again!

hi wyldelf!

welcome home.

Oh sure I remember you,
The flirting, the promises of it lasting forever, the restraining order, the months of therapy.

Now your just back to torment me again.

Glad your back :slight_smile: maybe this time you will not run screaming into the hills when I try and say something nice :wink:

Of COURSE I remember you!

It is lovely to have you back! Don’t go away again, you hear?

Much Love,


I remember you! Welcome back.

Welcome back hon!
I was just wondering about you a week or so ago when I ran across your website in a list of favourites, gonna update that anytime soon?

It’s good to see your name again and I look forward to your posts!

Welcome back wyldelf.

Oh yes, I remember you, yupyup.
Drooling over your image shorted out the keyboard back when. :wink:

Heya wyld! Good to see you back!

Yes, I remember wyldelf.

Welcome back.

Thanks for all the kind words guys.

I am sorry the absence was soooo long but I have finally built myself my own computer and am back up and running.

Please fill me in on all the goss that has been happening! All the wonderful things that you have all been up to (and hopefully nothing bad).
Osip I am sure that it was YOU who left ME in therapy not the other way round :stuck_out_tongue:

**Scotti[B/] I have often wondered how on earth you were doing. Please catch me up!

MikeG - Well - the first thing I did after logging back onto Straightdope was to log onto ICQ to see if I could find your name and catch up. So send me your number so we can chat!

** Narile, Rasa, imhjckaz, porcupine, rocking chair[B/] - I can’t wait to hear your stories - so please - begin…

I remember when you were having a difficult time around christmas a while back.
I offered some well wishes and prayers.

I wondered about you and where you went.

I hope things are better now.

No wounds to open imthjckaz … everything is going really well.

I just needed a bit of time to sort some stuff out that I hadn’t been. Just between you, me and the board I think I needed a good kick in the butt to grow up … and no-one was going to give it to me but myself. So… I gave it to me.

I took a few months there to do some serious soul searching, crying, grieving and eventually back to laughing… then made some changes … and everything has been great since.

Thanks so much for the support at the time - it definately helped knowing it was there and gave me a bit more strength to get my stuff back together. You guys are fantastic!

Hmmm, for me not much has been happening, Got laid off (And not in the good meaning) and moved back to Ohio. Other than that, all that happened was my mother being discovered to being an Australian terrorist.

Welcome back.

Now grab a cold drink and come see us over at the G’Dope - we can always use another banana-bender. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear things are going well for you.

((((Narile)))) You definately aren’t having a good run of things. I hope that you are doing ok? As for your mum being a terrorist - I remember reading about that in the papers and hearing it on the news. grins Glad I know who to blame now!

Reprise I have followed your sage advice and am now floating around G’dope to lend my support to another great Aussie cause.