Yay! I'm back on the internet, who missed me?

After being without internet access for the past 17 months or so, I’ve finally got around to getting a cable modem and can consequentlypost here from home. I’m so happy. So, anyone still remember me?

I missed seeing your name about. You don’t know me, but I’ve been here forever – I did miss you.

Hey, you too?! Finally got my internet connection back on again since being off from around about August.

Yay, you’re back! Party time. I’ll bring more prepositions.

Welcome back! But didn’t you used to be in my neck of the country?

Well, there you are! 'Bout time you got back, too. We’ve been holding this message board together by the hardest forEVER without you.
Yes, I really am glad to see you back, waterj2. I realize you probably have no idea who I am (formerly SilkyThreat, though that won’t help jog your memory, either) but I definitely remember you!

Welcome back and clean up this mess you left here. Do we look like your servants?! :wink: :smiley:

Kickass dude!

I STILL tell people about that night of drinking in NYC with you and Banger.

We have seriously got to do that again.

[raises head from couch]
[peers blurrily at newcomer]


[lets head flop back down]

You were without internet for 17 months???

I don’t know you…but wow, do I feel for ya!

Welcome back!


Welcome back! I could hardly forget you, after our meeting… good times.

Sheesh! All this time I thought you just went over to the Library in Boston to do more reading on “mad hatter.” :eek: :eek:

You are, indeed, a welcome sight for sore eyes.

Bring pie?

WaterJ!!! :slight_smile: Hell yeah, we remember you! Welcome back! […happy dance…]

Waterj! Yes indeed, I definitely rememer you! I sometimes wondered what had become of you.

Welcome back!

Your last “accidental” banning didn’t last this long. :smiley: Welcome back.

Welcome back! (I wasn’t here last time you were around. But I thought I’d say ‘hey’ anyway.)

Hell yeah. I’ve still got five unredeemed waterj2 points in the bank. I figured you’d dropped out 'cause you didn’t wanna pay up.

Hey, it’s that “What didja do?” guy!

Hey waterj. Welcome back.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone, and just for remembering me for so long. Ah, the memories from way back in those days. I wonder what I’ll be useful for now that there aren’t a few very bored individuals creating several new identities every day and getting each one banned. Man, those were wild and crazy times. Damn, and the time I was very briefly (literally about ten minutes from when I found out about it to when the confusion was cleared up) banned, that was like almost four years ago. May 5th, 2000 to be precise.

OK, now I’ll try to get out and actually socialize around the place.