Remember my password?

I check the SDMB from home and the office. I registered at the office, and there I always have it set up (I presume with the cookie) where it is ready for me to post with name and password already in the proper place.

On my home computer, I have to put it in once, and until i log out it will automatically come in. But as soon as i log off, I have to get it again.

If my password was one I chose, it wouldn’t be so bad. Of course, it is some gibberish!

So how do I get my computer at home to know my password and name automatically?

Brian O’Neill
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You CAN change your password, Brian. Go in to your profile and you can change it there.

To set things so that your computer will remember, go in to preferences and follow the directions there.

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My computer remembers my user name (even between sessions), but not my password. I have to enter it for each new post even within a single session. In the cookie file, both user name and password are correctly given (cookies allowed, of course). Any ideas?