Remember that thread about that guy who thought he got raped...

…and then he realized he was just leaking anal mucus?

It was like:
“Hey guys! There’s semen dripping from my butt! I think I got raped!”

Everyone else: “What?!”

“Oh. Heh. Nevermind. It was just anal mucus.”

Eveyone else: “WHAT!?

Whatever happened to that thread? It was funny and I can’t even find it.

For your sake, I hope you didn’t just imagine that thread.

So semen dripping from your butt is a big deal. That I can understand. However having anal mucous dripping from your butt isn’t. That I don’t understand. While not as disturbing as semen, still disturbing as I think everyone would agree. Maybe he was just eating some of those fat free chips with olestra. Had a buddy who had a similar experience with that stuff.

Anyway what I really wanted to say was if you find that thread please post a link in this topic as I (as well as others I am sure) would like to read it.

Inquiring minds want to know!

Argh! I can’t find it! I sure somebody else remembers it. Right? Somebody?

Um, I would guess that there are probably threads the mods delete on grounds of sheer bad taste. That one would qualify.

I remember that thread. Perhaps it was before the board crashed and had to be reset? Weren’t all the posts lost?

I don’t remember that thread. Are you sure this isn’t a dream you had? A painful, viscous, anal raping, tattered pucker, mucus leaking panic party of a dream.

I’m pretty sure it was iampunha; I remember he got an explanation from his mom or dad who is a nurse.

Searching his name along with mucus, semen, butthole, and asleep failed to turn up a likely thread.

We may have lost it in the Great Outage.

Just hearing the words ‘anal mucus’ makes me want to take a shower.

I just want to say that the OP isn’t crazy, I do remember that thread myself.

If it was lost, I can’t say I’m sorry. Yuck.

I’m staying out of this one. Anything dripping from people’s assholes is not something I’m interested in discussing.

I remember it but it wasn’t started by 'punha.