Removing IE?

Could some one give me advice on how to remove IE completely from my system after installing Netscape 7?

It is driving me nuts!

If you have Windows 98 or higher, you’re SOL. IE is integrated into the OS and cannot be removed. You can only remove any updates you may have downloaded to restore IE to it’s default version. What is specifically the problem you are having with it? You can set netscape to be the default browser, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Hmmm, right-o. Stuck with it. Some apps i have contain auto pop up ads that start IE, mainly Kazaa. I was thinking that if I removed IE it may stop it.
Thanks for the advice

Hmmm, right-o. Stuck with it. Some apps i have contain auto pop up ads that start IE, mainly Kazaa. I was thinking that if I removed IE it may stop it.
Thanks for the advice

Don’t talk about Kazaa. S-illegal. Well not really, (I for one like to download mp3, which I purchased.) But it can be used for illegal activities. So not allowed on this forum. is what you want. They have a program called 98lite for Windows 98 and ME. They also have IEradicator (freeware) which helps you to remove IE.

They are working on an XP version. They’ve been working on it for about 3 years now. (Well, the NT/2000 version anyway).

I have used IEradicator a few times. It works great. Highly reccomended.

Sorry to post with out all the info–but I remember a computer scientist from the University of Md who had developed a “patch” (I don’t know enough about OSs to know if that’s the right term) that would allow IE to be “decoupled” from Windows–and then removed.

Just what Microsoft said could not be done during their monopoly trial. Which was something like “we can’t seperate IE from the OS”.

IIRC–the guy was asked to testify during the trial.

But, I haven’t heard anything recent about it.

Maybe Microsoft bought him off.

Or is IEradicator a version of this?

Or, you can disable the little parasite in Kazaa that causes the popup ads. to find out which one it is. Their parasite page will seek out the little buggers for you and give you removal instructions. If you are uncomfortable removing them yourself, you can download one or more programs that will do it for you.

Downloading and installing AdAware should help you get rid of horrible spyware/malware garbage (ie, extra popups) installed by the likes of Kazaa.

Me too; it works fine in win98 - I noticed a considerable perfomeance increase.

Not sure if it can be taken out of XP though…

      • Can you get operating system updates for a Win98 machine without IE installed? AS I’ve seen it, Windows Update always insisted on using the IE interface…
  • I know that up until XP, many people into higher-end audio and video processing preferred using Win98 and removing all the unnecessary services with 98Lite. I asked the same question of them once, but the people I had talked to online who had these types of dedicated computer setups stripped all the network services out though, and didn’t know…

I don’t know what the opinion for PCs is now, as there’s new high-end hardware out with advanced features that are not supported in OS’s earlier than ME/2K.

I suspect that a considerable proportion of the people wanting to excise IE from their systems are doing so because of ‘issues’ with Microsoft; this being the case, they probably would not choose to use Windows Update.

Does this mean we also can’t talk about automobiles, languages, writing, or computers?

If you have XP with Service Pack 1 installed, you can go the the Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, and then click Set Program Access and Defaults along the left side of the window. Click the radio button next to Custom and then click on the down arrow to the right to select your default stuff, including your preferred browser. That might help.

Actually, no.

With IE removed, the system footprint is smaller, the system runs quite a bit faster and it crashes much less.

In fact, you can use IEradicator to remove IE from the system, and then re-install IE as a standalone application. Everything still runs faster and more stable.

Thankyou all,
I will use IEradicator.
I use Adaware and find it to be an invaluable tool.
Oh, by the way, I only use Kazaa for backing up my CD’s

Just as an aside. Can you actually use Kazaa for backing up CD’s?

That’s true, but it only disables the popups that appear when Kazaa is not open. Those programs work to get rid of the hidden programs that produce popups when Kazaa isn’t open, but whenever Kazaa is running, it produces popups itself. There’s no way to get rid of those that I’ve found.

A quick note, though. I have used AdAware to remove spyware and adware from my PC, but if you do, programs like Kazaa might not run. Somtimes they design them so that if the little thing that makes the pop-ups goes away, kazaa won’t work. Of course, there are versions out there that have been “cracked” to avoid this, but those ARE illegal, so I will say no more of them.

While we’re on the topic, I use diet kazaa, with Kazaa lite. Diet Kazaa’s cool because it also presses the “more sources” “button” at regular intervals.