Removing unwanted toolbars

Yesterday I used a computer, here at El Camino College, which had on the screen for the Internet browser, Netscape, another toolbar for something called “FindLaw.” I have no idea what this is and the “view/hide” option from the View pull-down menu had no means to remove the “FindLaw” toolbar. This toolbar itself had no command, menu, or icon to allow the user to remove it, and the attendants in the room were clueless about it too. Do any Dopers know how to accomplish this? Thanks very much. :confused:

El Camino is not a real college, it’s one of those fake junior colleges, but a couple of my friends actually did make it out of there and moved on to a real college, so never fear.

Man, that’s very near from me.

To address your question, try right-clicking on the toolbars and see if it says anything about toolbars there.

Thanks. :slight_smile: Next time I can’t remove a toolbar by the usual procedures I’ll try right-clicking it. :slight_smile:

El Camino’s Legal Assistant program has been given full accreditation by the American Bar Association. So there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your little FindLaw toolbar can probably be removed if you go into Control Panel, then to Add/Remove Programs. Once you’re in there, FindLaw should be on that list of programs. Select it, click add/remove, and you should be set.

However, in most college computer labs, a good number of the Control Panel features are only accessible by the network administrator. Unless, of course, it’s El Camino College.

We shall see, Vandal. :slight_smile:

Findlaw is a very handy website for finding information about the law. Evidently someone there downloaded and installed their free findlaw toolbar. See How to use your findlaw toolbar