Rename me!

I chose my Doper name after my favorite book heroine. However, I am getting a little tired of the name. (I’m not worthy!) Suggestions solicited here.

I’m toying with the idea of naming myself after someone who actually existed, as long as it isn’t someone alive now.

Viceroy Fizzlebottom.

Edward Drinker Cope? He sounds kind of tasty.

You could be a fake modernized Parisian as 2luze lawtrek. :wink:

While I like that, it would add to my “lady looks like a dude” problem.


How about Isadora Duncan?

Florence Nightingale
Marie Curie
Julia Child
Anne Bonney
The Queen Of Pizza

Znarf Zlits

My suggestion: Sweet Jane.

Bear with me here; the thought process went something like this:

What do I know about Harimad-sol? Well, I know that she’s bisexual. Wait, wasn’t there a two-faced Roman … Janus! She should go by Janus. Oh, but that was a guy, and she needs a name that is definitely feminine. “The Goddess Janus?” “January Queen?” Hey, how about “Janine?” Hmm, I like Janine … but it’s just a name, not much of a Doper name. What else do I know about her? Well, she seems very sweet … “Sweet Janine?” Meh, not quite right. Oh! Oh! “Sweet Jane!” (Misnomer wanders off, happily singing the Cowboy Junkies to herself…)

Harimad-Sol - It’s a big name to live up to, but you could still be Harry if you wanted. Or Aerin. Or pick a newer McKinley herione and be Sunshine.


Dunno if it would work for you, but if I were bisexual, I might call myself Bi Bi Birdie.

I’m going to change my name to Fusion Chamberlain.

Great choices!

I don’t know about Aerin. I thought of that before, but then I saw AerynSun and thought it might be confusing.

Bi Bi Birdie is cute, but I think I’ve been talking about my sexuality a bit too much, so maybe not. I did consider Pendulum briefly in that vein.

As it happens, Marie Curie and Julia Child are two of my heroes, so that’s pretty cool…and Anne Bonney…lady pirate! Pirates=nifty. The Queen of Pizza…hmmm. Suddenly I’m hungry. I could appear alongside The King of Soup, however.

I was half-heartedly trying to make someone change his name to Corlath-sola, but as he hasn’t read the book, I have stopped.

I like everything suggested so far. So hard to choose!

This is how I would have looked at my wedding. :frowning:

[sub]I may buy the outfit anyway. :wink: [/sub]

Please do! And post many pictures of yourself in it.

Might I suggest Zasu Pittstain?

Have you gone to that site that does the anagram of your name? Might be some good one’s in Harimad-sol.

Do you care for the musical stylings of AC/DC?

Hojo Hominigrits

I flash back on the scene from Wayne’s World were they are on their knees saying this to (IIRC) Alice Cooper. Could be a keeper.

It’ll be a while. Looks like we’re starting a film in October, and I’m buying equipment. Fun clothes have to wait.

I wonder how it would be if I got the outfit and just wore it? You know, like when I go to the market, etc.

Anyway, Anne Bonney is a good name. And there’s an action figure.