Repeal the 19th? What war on women?


Not just men, but WOMEN are chanting, posting and tweeting this. This is the first thread I’ve ever started on the Dope, and I’m finding that I’m so furious that I’m at a loss for words other than to say, “what the fuck?”

Nate Silver’s analysis shows that if only men were to vote, there is a chance that Trump could win. Therefore…

I can’t even.

Shit, I had no idea this was a thing.

I know there is an effort to repeal the 17th and 14th amendment, but no idea the 19th was up for debate. FML.

I don’t believe the 19th is up for debate. I think the 538 analysis gave some real brain trust a good idea. #repealthe19th is now a thing. Because, you know, repealing an amendment to the constitution is something that could reasonably occur in less than a month, for starters.

Grab 'em by the pussy, take away their right to vote. That’s right, get us scary women barefoot and pregnant and under control. Make 'murica great again.

Everytime I think I can’t read anything stupider these people come up with something.
I can’t even indeed!
I would appreciate if someone who actually supported this effort would chime in with the proposed strategy for making this Ridiculousness happen.

I thought the tea party in Maine wanting to get rid of universal primary and secondary education was beyond the pale.

I realize that this is The Pit and you are just objecting to the idea the idiots proposed, but I hope you realize that a few dozen, (or even a couple of thousand), TWITters do not make a serious political movement. These folks are like the Texas secession supporters: loud, stupid, and few. There is no “movement,” only some worked up twits, (with, probably, a few others goading them on).

I’ve seen a great meme on Facebook that shows a picture of a hissing cat and says “Nov 8. Pussy grabs back.”

There is no way the 19th gets repealed ever. Just another example of right-wing nuts longing for a world where they can fix the vote to let them win. They have nothing else to offer, so they just need to disenfranchise anyone who disagrees with their narrow view of the world.

I don’t see the word “movement” used anywhere above unless my rage is making me blind.

If it wasn’t clear, the pitting is directed at the imbeciles - whether it’s one or a million - who are making this a thing, however small and with whatever lack of traction it has.

The pitting is directed particularly at women who are participating in this chant/tweet/post bullshit.

I should pit myself for thinking that rock bottom was a long time ago and there is nowhere left to go but up. I have been incredibly insulated for my entire life and honestly have been shocked at how many truly ignorant people exist. I’m even afraid they are in the majority.

The amendment is not going to be appealed. I know that. There will be no movement to make it so. I know that, also. What can I say? Some people get pissed at tailgaters or people who install the toilet paper the wrong way. This “thing” tripped my rage trigger.

I think the thing that bugs me most about shit like this is that I naively thought but once people had more information accessible to them they would be interested in learning more. My expectation is that people are like the people on this board. We want to learn and understand so we can make informed decisions. it turns out that the despite expectations people really just want to be stupid and have it handed to them.

I am as angry as I’ve ever been over this election mostly because I am learning so much about the people around me and their willingness to close their eyes and make the world into their imaginary Fantasyland. And they have the balls to call us the stupid ones.

They also have the balls to claim that most people agree with them, because math isn’t real.


i’m now wavering between feeling fortunate to have lived 59 years with no real exposure to this level of abject stupidity and wondering if being that stupid would just be easier.
ETA I wanted to quote both Tenacious and this one, but luddite.

Ann Coulter diagnosed it years ago:

This is a standard view of the Dems and big government playing the “daddy” role to single women, at least in certain right leaning circles.

You can make a similar point about race. If only white people voted Democrats would never win the presidency, going back years and years.

Interesting. So only white male voters are “real” (or at least the only voters that can be considered rational) and any attempt to appeal to any other demographic is somehow cheating?

I’m amused at the vision of Coulter being forced out of her career and back into the kitchen. While barefoot is fine, I draw the line at pregnant.

So it’ll just be* The Handjob’s Tale* ?

She and Phyllis Schlafly can bake cookies together.

It’s an important reminder that women are also complicit in enforcing the patriarchal norms.

Well if we gave the vote to children, and then people started to target children in their campaigns…

To be honest the thing that annoys me isn’t the sexism behind a person backing a Repeal the 19th strategy, it’s that despite going out of his way to alienate women, Mexicans, Asians, Blacks, etc. Trump is still at nearly 50% of the popular vote. If you do the math, his support should be limited to white, male, Republicans which is only about 15% of the population. So almost 35% of the population is supporting Trump rather than finding a reasonable alternative like Johnson, or abstaining from the vote, just because they’ve been told that the alternative is a Democrat becoming President again.

Jesus Christ people, which party do you think has been running the country for the last 8 years? Are you being held over a flaming pit by cackling demons? Or are you going about your life in roughly the same way you were in 2005, 1995, and 1985? And I’ll grant that argument may point to the fact that the choice of President is largely immaterial to your life but this isn’t high school and we aren’t voting on the President of the Student Council. There are more important things in the world than backing a sports team and sticking with it. And while the President and the Federal government may largely be irrelevant to your life, it is important to the world and in the long run to the fate of our nation. It’s not a game.

…in HELL!

(I assume you just forgot that part, because your statement screamed for it at the end there)

I’m starting to realize that the two-year popularity contest the presidential race has become is a deliberate misdirection from the votes for congress, where the real money is to be made. Without a big showy personal drama, fewer people care at all about the midterms and the Congressional incumbents can carry on business as usual.

We could take away their right to drive too. Only, then we’d have to get off our asses and drive them to the store to buy our dinner, so that might not be an option.

Wait, we could get them bicycles with baskets on the front and back. Hell yes. This would cut the traffic in half, reduce imported oil, and make car insurance affordable again.