Replacing refrigerator hardware

I have a Kenmore fridge I bought a few years ago. I thought it would be a good idea to not spend much as I didn’t need or want an external icemaker, stainless steel, side by side etc. “Great idea!” said I. Of course I didn’t anticipate that this means that the plastic used in the crisper drawers and door racks would be extra cheap, nor did I anticipate a fiancee who stuffs the fridge overfull with 3 kinds of mustard and 11 types of dipping sauce. Now I have cracked and/or duct taped hardware inside of my fridge.

So I’m looking for replacement parts, both from the official source (Sears Parts Direct) and third party, eBay, Amazon. They want $60+ for one (1) drawer, to say nothing of the second one or the rest. How screwed am I? Are there sources for used refrigerator hardware? Searchable Pick N Pull for white goods? At those prices I’m better off getting a brand new refrigerator.

I went through a similar search a while ago and came to the same conclusion as you :frowning:

Only advice I can offer is that I was able to find some cheaper parts by searching for part number without a brand name. Apparently some of the refrigerators across brands share the same part numbers (and are presumably interchangeable) even if they’re rebadged, and prices can vary…

Same reply as Reply. You can probably find a replacement fridge on Craigslist cheaper than you’ll find replacement shelves and drawers.

Get the manufacturer’s P/N from one of the repair sites then search eBay for that P/N. I’ve done that and have been lucky a few times. Also, keep an eye on your local Craigslist or other resale offerings in your area. Sometimes you get lucky.

Why the appearance won’t be the greatest you can repair these:

You can likely buy a sheet of clear acrylic from a hardware store and build the drawer yourself for much cheaper than the replacement parts and a new fridge. This of course isn’t convenient. I did it for my very small fridge once, since I broke a glass shelf/drawer type thing and the cost and shipping was prohibitive for replacement. Took about 2 hours. The extra acrylic is great for replacing easily breakable glass in other parts of the home too.

Thanks for the answers and links.

Too many curvy parts, so it’s beyond my ability to make, but I can try to spot-repair it as in the Youtube links.

The glass top appears fine (though will need a good scrubbing). It’s the 1) the two clear acrylic drawers, one of which the handle and part of the front is broken off, 2) the top of the frame that holds the drawers and he glass rests on, (3) some of the “bars” on the door that hold jars and stuff.