Reporting a post to a moderator?

I may be going blind, as I thought there was an icon or something to report a post to a moderator, but don’t see it now.

I posted to IMHO a thread called “Our Bengal Cats” with a link to a Yahoo Photo site for some pics, which I just set up. Somebody said the link did not work, so went back, and tried to make it Shared, but evidently, it still will only work for people whose email address I list. Bummer.

So, if possible, perhaps you could delete this, to save frustration on the part of cat lovers?

The “Report this Post…” button is the little triangle with an ‘!’ in it, at the upper right of a post. You will not find the button on your own posts.

Can do, and will, as soon as I finish writing this.

You can’t report your own post. One option is to report the post preceding or following yours, and state that you’re really reporting your own. There’s also a technical work-around where you click on report post on a different post and replace the post number with your own. Also, at the bottom of the forum, there are links to both Czarcasm’s and my profiles. You can send an email via those. Also, you can ask in the thread for someone to report you. Also, you can post the problem in the thread and wait for he or I to stumble across it. Also…

But then again, this worked, didn’t it? :slight_smile:

Why not leave the thread open, and answer questions about your lovely pet’s temperaments and care? :wink: Then if you can get the photos posted elsewhere you can just come back to the thread you already opened and post them! :smiley: I wanna hear stories about your pets!

Wow, cool. Thanks TYM! I didn’t know if my post had gone through in the thread he opened, so posted here in case it didn’t. Then the page came up, and you’d read my mind already! Yay!

See that, Tuba? Another satisfied customer! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll close this now, as the situation is taken care of.