Republican Grassley calls Trump statement "Idiotic"

How many times do you hear a member of the President’s party call something he said “idiotic?”

(Certainly a lot more than we used to…)

If it doesn’t translate into votes against the Trump agenda, it’s just more wind.

Grassley is a senile Trump loyalist who has been the senator from Iowa (state motto: “More wind than we know what to do with, out here in the boonies”) since Iowa had dinosaurs. But against this we have to weigh the fact that he gets cash contributions from the American Wind Energy Association and the Renewable Energy Group, among others, and consequently saw fit – I’m sure just out of the pureness of his ancient heart and a genuine concern for clean energy – to sponsor the Wind Energy Incentives Act of 1993. So, in one of those timeless Republican struggles where cash wins out over loyalty, Grassley by a fluke accident actually said something that was correct.