Republicans: Explain this to me

Oh yeah, me too. I haven’t had a reaction beyond " What the fuck, are people in CA insane?" yet to Arnold running, so there hasn’t been much room for any other thoughts on him. Really, I don’t think there needs to be any other thoughts on the issue- that’s all encompassing.

However, it does look my hopes for Space Ghost and Daria running for Prez/VP in 2008 are just one step closer to reality…

Yeah, does anyone find it odd that out of 4.5 million people who voted Republican in '00 in California, the best they could come up with is Conan the Barbarian?

Perhaps the damned near-official conservative talking points on the subject of Arnold could serve to illuminate:

You might also wish to look at the paragraph I left out there at the second ellipsis. I left it out both to keep the quote within the boundaries of reasonable quotation and to avoid… using… the phrase, hypocritical motherf—… AAAAHHHH!!

[head banging on keyboard]


[/head banging]

Go see it for yourself.

The ol’ axiom…“DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO”…

Maybe you should ask the democrats why they don’t try and whip the public into a frenzy over nothing like the republicans did.

Because it WORKS! Shit man, if we’re all up in arms because our favorite leader toots or gets tooted then we aren’t paying attention to those superficial issues. You know. The economy, war, terrorism, diplomacy - they all take a back seat to these hot issues.

The fact that we get to whine to each other about which flavor of politician is in the tooting spotlight is just an added bonus.

All these posts and I’m the first to point out the REAL deal - Shame on you

So the passel of lies that led to the Iraq war don’t count because he wasn’t under oath?

Um, nope. The legions calling for his head started with Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones, statements about whom were not made under oath, statements about whom were made before Clinton was elected president.

Since I was talking about the call for Clinton’s head that went up before he was elected or sworn, your declaration is as meaningless as your extra exclamation points.

Frankly, the Democrats needs to learn to Waffle On A Dime like the Republicans first. Its amazing how fast every single Republican I know changed their story from “Disgusted at the Adultery” and “Monica’s Cigar” to “Lied Under Oath”. Does the GOP have all your email addresses to tell you what to change your story to for the following day? Its the only explanation for the lock-step story changes. I guess the Democrats really Do need to get better organized…

From Sofa King’s link (and shouldn’t there be some sort of rule about warning before linking to O’lie-ly, like there is before linking to possible porn?):

(emphasis added)

First, can you imagine the psychic torture that Billy must have put himself through in order to be able to type out that bolded phrase?

Second, is anyone else dumbfounded that he’s criticizing a newspaper for expending resources to report the truth?

Here’s one Republican that didn’t give a flying fuck about Clinton’s sexual adventures. Don’t make overgeneralizations. I thought that was the sort of thing that liberals didn’t do.

Once again, here’s a Republican that didn’t give a flying fuck about Clinton smoking pot. Again, don’t make overgeneralizations. They reveal your idiocy.

And what did I say about generalizations? This clearly must be the remark of a nimrod.

No more so than your average Democrat. Note that the entire OP can be reversed as a criticism of the Dems. “Why is Schwarzy’s groping so bad when Clinton’s escapades were not?”

Hypocritical pus-bag indeed.

I actually find it odd that you’re so Ignorant about his capabilities. I have a suspicion that you suffer from the delusional belief that all actors are idiots and incapable of doing “real” work.

No doubt. Why don’t they just save the trouble and put these “advisors” on the ballot?

I can’t wait 'til Arnold gets in office and tries to do his magic trick where he balances the budget by “eliminating waste”, without any specific proposals. How many months do you give him before he realizes it’s easier said than done, and raises taxes? New guy - same old story.

Ah, fuck it. I can’t help it. Again from the O’Reilly marching orders, with my own helpful links added for emphasis:

Look, I’m sorry to go and shit all over this thread, but that statement made me angrier than a badger with a mousetrap on his 'nads. Hopefully my previous contribution outweighs this tantrum.

Because when asked about it Clinton said “I did not have sex with that woman” When Arnold was asked he said, yeah I did that and I’m sorry.
As for the drugs nobody has really offered any credible evidence that Bush did “blow” But when Clinton was asked he said "I didn’t inhale. I am not saying that either one of them is superior, just that telling the truth is better accepted by the public then lying.

I’d rather have a person in office who is honest about past indescretions. It labels them as a real person. Someone who is tempted and has given in to temptation. “Didn’t inhale?” Are you kidding? That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard!

“Arnold, I hear you did some pot and squeezed some titties. True?”
“Jah! I did. I don’t do it anymore though, and novon ever complained about it.”

Ok, fine. Run for Governer.

Sofa Kind -

So far I clicked on two of your links.

The first is a puff piece on the tenth anniversary of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. The second was a list of celebrity limousine liberals.

Is your point that media should investigate politicians, or that they shouldn’t? Or are you arguing that the L.A. Times is as biased as Richard Scaife?

Although I have heard the California governor’s race described as being "between the L.A. Times and Schwarzenegger. "


Sorry about the misspelling of your user name, Sofa King.

But, also in the spirit of helpful linking, perhaps we could discuss why allegations of abusive actions against women must be taken seriously if they are made against Schwarzenegger, but,1413,200~24781~1676763,00.html]not against Gray Davis.


Why not? Read your own damn link re Davis. Nobody with first-hand knowledge coming forth, either witnesses or victims. No charges, then or ever. No corroboration. Nothing to suggest that there’s any truth to it at all. Compare and contrast to the Gropinator stories - witnesses, victims, and admissions. One situation is true, one is, as far as one can tell, not.

There is no comparison between truth and bullshit. If you’re really having trouble understanding why few accept your attempt to equate them, then your partisan blinkers are on even more tightly than we thought. Are you a supporter of the Republican Party more than you’re a respecter of truth? Apparently so.

Shodan’s link doesn’t work for me. Anyone else?

I understand now! It’s OK to sexually harass someone as long as they don’t complain about it.

And the issue is not whether he “squeezed some titties.” The issue is whether he has engaged in a decades-long pattern of sexual harassment and (based on some of the descriptions of his alleged acts) sexual battery, which allegedly continued up to as recently as 2-3 years ago.

For one thing, quantity and duration.

We’re ignorant of his capabilities because he won’t talk about them. He refused to appear in unscripted situations, refused to debate unless he had all of the questions in advance and has not as near as I can tell advanced a single qualification that he has for being governor. He spends a lot of time yammering about how he’s out to “terminate” Gray Davis (hardee-fucking-har, Arnold, we got it the first time and it wasn’t funny then) but not a lot of time talking about why he should be governor or what he’ll do once he is.

Fixed Shodan’s link

From Shodan’s link:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but in the Arnold story, didn’t nine women allow their names to be used? Not that this excuses Davis if this is an accurate depiction of his behaviour, but it does explain why the story didn’t appear in the Times.

… And honesty. Don’t forget that. Schwarzy’s had no end of it so far.

Jesus Christ, boy, go read a fucking book! Are you telling me that your entire library of knowledge on these candidates is what they themselves have said on TV? Christ, go to IMDB and read Schwarzy’s biography, if you’re gonna be so fucking lazy about it.


… Just like every single other politician out there…

I’m still not seeing what’s so horrible about Schwarzy.