Republicans: Explain this to me

Why were Clinton’s sexual adventures such a big deal while Schwarzenegger’s are not? Why was so much made of Clinton’s smoking pot. while it’s apparently okay that Bush did blow?

I’m seriously looking for some insight here, but thought it was safest to post in the pit.

Oops, there should be a comma after “pot”, not a period.

IANAR, but I’m pretty sure that Schwarzenegger didn’t lie about his sexual adventures while being both under oath and in public office.

Because 99 percent of all Republicans and Democrats are partisan to the point of ridiculousness.

Because they’re all a bunch of hypocritical shitbags, every one of 'em.

Now me and Rev have the same post count.


Clinton’s adventures took place while in office and have been proven. Schwarzenegger’s did not take place in office and have not been proven yet.

As far as the drugs thing, I don’t really care if a public official did drugs when they weren’t a public official. The problem I had with Clinton was the whole “didn’t inhale” crap. It showed me that he is a liar who thinks everyone he talks to is too stupid to realize he is lying.

Fuck you, you partisan bitch.
You’re a butt-worm licker.

Who said they weren’t a big deal? This Republican thinks both are tasteless, tacky, and immoral.


I find them hot. Blonde hair, pink nipples, they’re usually taller. Blah.

For the same reason that when Clinton attacked Iraq he was “wagging the dog”, but when Bush 2.0 did he was making the world safe for democracy. Basically, people are pudding heads.

I thought the non-fuss over Bush’s drug use was a sign that people are growing up a bit when it comes to the topic of drugs, despite the best efforts of their legislators to whip up moral panic and build prisons.

That said, I think it’s incredible that people reckon Arnie’s the best Republican in California (he couldn’t even manage a burger restaurant), but I guess that’s a little off-topic.

Oh come now. Are you seriously suggesting that the right-wing feeding frenzy over Clinton’s sexcapades didn’t start until after they were proved? IIRC Paula Jones’ sexual harassment case was never “proved” (it was settled after SCOTUS ridiculously refused to delay the suit until after he was out of office) and there are still people bashing Clinton over it.

The point still stands, legions of Republicans trumpeted that Clinton was unfit for office because he was accused of engaging in behaviour that was similar in tone but nowhere near the magnitude of that which Arnold has been accused. Far too many of those selfsame Republicans are willing to look the other way in Arnold’s case out of political expedeincy.

No doubt the old “he’ll surround himself with the best advisors” chestnut will get rolled out.

The legions of Republicans trumpeted that Clinton was unfit for office because he LIED UNDER OATH!!! What he lied about is irrelevant to me, though I am sure there are many who are just as upset about his sexual adventures as they were his lying. I suspect those people are just as upset with Arnold at this point. The last poll I saw said he was getting 36% of the vote, which isn’t even close to 100% of the Republicans.

So before applying another sweeping generalization about Republicans (or anyone else), please make sure they are committing the hypocrisy of which you accuse them. I am NOT a hypocrit–if Arnorld or Bush or Delay or any other Republican lies under oath I will call for removing them from office just as I did for Clinton.

Arnold knows what the German definition of is, is.

He wasn’t involved with the actual running or management of Planet Hollywood. Just got a lot of money to be a walking advertisment from what I understand. Hell, I’d take that.

Some people have it right.

Mainly because deep down all Republicans are actually monarchists. What they really want is a king and they see themselves as aristocracy. Now you must understand that historically, things that were perfectly okay for the upper class to do were forbidden to the rabble.
Or maybe it’s just that your average Republican is a hypocritical pus-bag.

I did too. :stuck_out_tongue: