Republicans in Congress

Why is it that all the republicans seem to be doing is asking “Does Joe Biden want it?” If he want’s it, then they say “NO”.

Are they even attempting to do the job they were elected to do?

Unfortunately, I believe they are doing the job they were elected to do-“Take Our Country Back From The Democrats”.

That’s how politics is these days. First check around to see, “What does our side want, and what does the other side want?”

Then support X and oppose Y. Especially if the opponents want Y.

For instance, most Republicans could have been fully onboard with wearing masks and getting vaccinated…if Democrats strongly opposed both of those things.

I have never voted for someone in any political race hoping they would take anything back from the opposing political party. I have voted for candidates from both parties in the same election. I would consider it a waste of time to vote across party lines hoping one party would take over for the other. In my simplistic world, all members of the house and senate would work together for the benefit of most. Unfortunately, those running our country have tossed those ideals in the trash and are willing to stomp down half the citizens of the US for political gain. The political atmosphere in Washington has me really worrying about the future of once was a great country.

If you are suggesting “both sides…” here, I think you will find that simplistic view to be inaccurate.

I know! I remember when Trump and the Republicans were pushing for a COVID stimulus package, and the Democrats just said no!

Oh, wait, that didn’t happen at all. You know, there’s no rule that says no matter how awful a political party is, the other party must become exactly the same.

To the OP – the Republican party has been the Party of No since the Gingrich era.

There are many severe problems with the Republican Party, but an opposition party opposing the legislative agenda of a governing party is utterly mundane behavior in pretty much every democracy. Our constitutional structure is laden with veto points that make it unusually reliant on minority-party support for extremely basic ministerial tasks such as issuing bonds or appointing bureaucrats, but this particular issue is far more of a constitutional problem than a Republican problem. The Republican Party is, and I’m focusing purely on the issue of an opposition party opposing governing-party legislative proposals and not on…other things, acting entirely within democratic norms.

Do you believe it’s the job of Congress to do what the President wants?

Really, right now, they just do what McConnell wants. Look at the debt limit defiance. McConnell says block it, they do. McConnell says allow it, they do. Even though the covid relief debt was passed in a bi-partisan manner. Debt ceiling? Nothing but Republican politics to accomodate whatever McConnell wants at the time.

The Republican Party is definitively the party of evil now. They are a proto-fascist party and sprinting to the right. I would be really surprised if there is anything supported by the GOP that is undeniably, objectively good.

Well no. It is the job of Congress to look at proposals and talk about what they like and don’t like and come to a consensus for the good of everyone.

Oh, wait…are we discussing the U S Congress?



I know. I actually struggled to keep a straight face while I typed it. One can dream though.

Is it the job of Congress to do as their constituents want, or to apply their wiser intellect to doing what they believe to be right?
The difficulty, of course, is that many Congress people are merely part of the rabble that had enough money to finance an election bid, and get other rabble to vote for them.

I recall a Congresswoman screaming, “Get to work on this covid thing! There are eighteen others out there!”. Covid19 is a variety of the covid virus discovered in 2019.

Sure, but in a normally functioning democracy that’s usually accompanied by the opposition party having a coherent legislative agenda of its own that it wishes to implement instead of the governing party’s.

The Republicans at present seem to have no desired agenda other than a cognitively-dissonant mess of cutting taxes on the wealthy, blaming consequent budget/debt crises on Democrats, ignoring or denying the massive problem of climate change, ignoring or denying the massive problem of COVID management, undermining abortion rights, not taking responsibility for undermining abortion rights, resisting economic relief efforts, not taking responsibility for resisting economic relief efforts, and cheerleading for an ex-President whose administration did all it could to sabotage public service and the mechanisms of democracy in federal and state governments alike.

That is in no way “within democratic norms” for an opposition party.

The problem is that the Republicans aren’t even a political party anymore in the sense of having a partisan project for some kind of responsible governance (although they retain most of a traditional major party’s organizational and financial structure). They’re a combination of a militant ideological movement and an organized-crime enterprise whose only real goal is retaining power for itself.

That’s what they want you to think. McConnell is the face, not the leader. He gives cover for his caucus to say “I was following the Party” without having to actually take votes that might be difficult.

It’s why the Democrats need to make Republicans actually vote to block stuff.

From where did you get that idea?

No. We don’t need, or want, an “agenda” from either party.

“No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.”

No, no, can’t have any of that euro soyboy governance shit here.

“I like quotations without attribution. They seem profound, risk free!”