Rescue Me season premiere (with spoilers)

Who watched it? What did you think?

Not at all surprised at Janet’s new boyfriend. It might have been more shocking if the reveal hadn’t been so gradual.

But can’t those guys find people outside their friends and family to sleep with?

Rescue Me is a good show but I fear it’s heading into soap opera territory. In the first two seasons I bought the drama of Tommy’s life and even him sleeping with his cousin’s wife. However, with his son dying, his uncle shooting the drunk driver, and now his brother sleeping with his wife, I think it’s just going too far. I can buy a lot of drama in his life, but not this much. I’ll keep watching, but my respect for the show went down a lot after this episode (it was already slipping at the end of last season, though).

I guess they have to pick new sex partners from their pre-existing social circle because only the totally insane would ever join it this late in the game. Totally insane people like Damien’s science teacher, for example.

I agree the show is soap opera-esque, but it’s well done and still manages to be really funny.

Janet is such a rotten human being. As messed up as he is, Tommy at least attempts to cope with the things that happen to him. Many of his attempts are wildly misguided, but he makes an effort. Janet refuses to take responsibility for anything and blames Tommy for everything.

This past weekend we finished watching the second season, which has been waiting for us on our TiVo since last summer. You could start a drinking game where you have to drink every time one of the characters greets another one with an immediate physical assault, usually grabbing someone by the shirt and shoving them into a wall. You’ll be drunker than any random Gavin by the end of an hour.

I liked the teacher. She was Laney on All My Children, a Lesbian Cop on NYPD Blue, and the female lead in the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

And she was Lucas Black’s wannabe foil on American Gothic. Which also had a sexy teacher.

Tommy’s bad decisions make for interesting TV, but ya gotta wonder what he’s thinking sometimes.

Yeah, I used to cut her a lot of slack, because Tommy was a cheating, lying drunkard. But her attitude about the death of her son is so staggeringly unfair that it’s bordering on downright evil. And banging the brother is creepy and probably manipulative. Could see it comin’ a mile away though, because he was so pissed at Tommy right from that first phone call.

Man, these people suck. Man, this show rocks.

Just watched the Tivo’d second episode. That fight was choreographed perfectly. I’ve seen fights like that – somebody knows what they’re doing.

I liked how the sound quality changed when Tommy saw Janet and Johnny holding hands under the table. For a second I thought he was going to be calm. After all, it’s dad’s birthday party and kids are present. :slight_smile:

I enjoyed this episode more than the premiere, and not just because of that awesome fight. More funny – less soap opera.

I searched to see if someone had started a thread on this season’s first episodes, and here it is.

I only caught up with Season 2 over the last few months, when it was in reruns, and i think it really is a great show. I find Dennis Leary—both the actor and his character—very appealing, and i think the show is very well written. I guess it might be making the soap opera shift a little bit, but on the whole it’s still far too quirky and interesting to be lumped in with soap operas.

I agree. My wife and i both commented on the sound change thing, and found it very effective. And the fight was also well done.

Some of the conversations in this show just crack me up. Some of the guy talk in the fire station is hilarious, and the characters are all really great. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Paige Turco.

I really liked her on NYPD Blue, and i hope she makes more appearances on Rescue Me.

I think my favorite scene from last week was when Lou got pissed at the guys in the kitchen when they kept asking when he was going to put his money in the kitty/can. When he finally blows up and storms out, he continues his end of the conversation by yelling from the other room and most of it is yelling about how he’s not talking to them anymore. The other guys’ reactions to the tantrum, especially Tommy’s, cracked me up. They’re laughing and “what the fuck?” at the same time. Awesome. Very realistic.

I also laughed at the motormouthed girl Tommy picked up at the club. When he finally went into her kitchen looking through the drawers, I said “what’s he looking for, duct tape?” Bingo! And she was crazy about that too!

I’m glad Sheila’s aware that people call her a whore, and she must not mind ince she forgot to wear an actual shirt to the birthday party. I wish she and Janet had gotten into a bigger fight though. :wink:

I thought the whole B-Day party scene was extremely well-acted and directed. Loved how Denis leary realized immediately that probie was dating his sister b/c he took the cherry out of her drink. Then the mental contortions he went through while putting everything together after seeing ex and bro holding hands - spot-on.

And I loved how the sister and the dad just sat there at the table doing nothing while they were fighting - been there, not the least bit surprising to them.

And yes, the fight was very well done. As someone with five brothers myself…well, let’s just say I’m not surprised that would be the end result.

Another highlight has been the smoking contest. When Lou was walking in front of Tommy’s car and spit out his cigar I cracked up.

That’s Sean, not the probie (Mike). I liked how he said he had to have a cigarette in bed because she was smoking during sex. Even Tommy doesn’t smoke during!

Yeah, they’ll just roll with it. In the first episode this season, when Janet said the only good thing about Connor’s death was that she wouldn’t have to watch him grow up to be like Tommy, I started thinking about the girls. Colleen is turning out a lot like Janet, manipulative and spiteful. The youngest (what’s her name?) has taken to binge eating. Her mom says it’s a growth spurt, but I don’t think so. She eats like Tommy drinks. The little girl who already knows God and heaven are myths might be stuffing herself to fill the void left in her life by, well, everything. Sure she felt sick later and didn’t want any orange chicken, but she might just start up again tomorrow.

The entire Gavin clan should probably be forcibly sterilized, but they’ll end up killing thmselves off anyway.

Yeah, I always get them confused. It will be interesting when everyone in the firehouse realizes it was the sister that got them all to try and quit smoking. Good insights about the daughters - I hadn’t really thought too much about their problems.

Good episode tonight, but it sure made me wonder about FDNY’s qualifications. Probie had to call his mom to ask her how old he was?

I missed most of the first season. Does anyone know why Lou’s brother-in-law is such a dick?

Funniest line was maybe the one about the hansom cab driver. “He’s not handsome anymore.”

I don’t believe Damien forgetting about the stash of drugs in his room, but I can’t even guess why the writers would set that up.

What’s up with Franco’s girlfriend (Sarandon)? I’ve always thought that one of the (many) benefits of a more mature partner is that they take things slow and don’t assume too much. One f*** doesn’t make a relationship. I don’t know if tonight was their first “date” (I think it was), but I thought it was a bit presumptuous, asking to meet his daughter. Maybe she’s just confident.

Janet’s one of the most unbelievable female characters I’ve ever seen, outside of a Jackie Collins novel.

I only wish I’d never known anyone like Janet. God, do I wish it.

I think Probie might have been calling his mom wanting to tell her he’s gay, but chickening out. He just needs an excuse to talk to her (like you ever need an excuse to call your mother!).

It’s weird; the minute they showed him getting home and the guy was on the couch, I identified him as Mike’s boyfriend. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was just the plotline from last year where he started hanging out with his new gay friends, and then his interest in self-help books, but as soon as I saw the guy I knew. Also, I think the guy he was cuddling with was the Groosalugg from Angel (Mark Lutz – IMDb doesn’t have the info yet)! Way to go, probie!

“Can I have a sandwich…Mrs. Turbedee?” :smiley:

Who else thought the expensive watch had a limited shelf life in that firehouse? Good thing he returned it.

Maybe it was to show us how confused he is, about everything. “How old am I?” isn’t too far removed from “Who am I?”