Residents of previous Olympic host cities: was there as much bitching?

Right, people like to complain. In other news, pope is dickhead.

They carped constantly prior to the Vancouver Olympics, then went mad when it actually happened.

I know some people who left the city and rented out their house during the games. Most everyone I knew stayed in town and yeah, for the most part the city loved it. There must have been some bitching, but I really don’t remember it- not like the Vancouver situation.

People, it is possible to think that the Olympics are a waste of money, and also to enjoy the event itself. I mean, if I were somehow compelled to spend a couple of grand on ludicrously expensive champagne, I would not be happy about it. But when the champagne arrived, might as well enjoy it, waste of money or not.

I’m not a resident of Seoul Korea, but the government’s attempt to “minimize” rioting and “disturbances” going into the 1988 games led to 15,000 arrests. A record, according to the Guinness.

I was home from college for the LA Games and despite all of the dread, I have never enjoyed LA more and I can’t stand LA. Traffic was better than normal. People were in a great mood. Most of the people who tried to profit in a scummy way got burned. It was a fun time.

I think it’s partly that the Olympic authorities seem to be actively engaged in a campaign to make people hate the Olympics.

Every day I get another email telling me to avoid tube stations and roads - including my own tube station - the Mayor has announcements repeating every few minutes on buses and at tube stations telling us that the city is going to be really busy, so avoid travelling, shops aren’t allowed to put up anything remotely related to the Olympics even though that would be free advertising and would encourage a celebratory atmosphere, etc etc.

If we’d got the Olympics at a different time there might not have been as much bitching. Although I don’t think all government money should be spent on essentials, it is still a little galling to see Cameron talking about austerity measures and passing bills to take free school meals from poor kids or benefits from widows or making disabled workers unemployed at the very same time as spending 200,000 quid on hanging some rings off a bridge. Or doing absurd things like placing missiles on top of a tower block to shoot down ‘terrorist’ planes - over a densely-populated city.

I know the phrasing’s a bit funny, but it’s not like London hasn’t had terrorist attacks before and it’s not like the Olympics hasn’t had terrorist attacks in other places. Because of this, some of the security is difficult to live with; for example, the Regent’s Canal is closed in much of East London, and people use that as a way to travel to work (on the towpath, cycling and walking) as well as justfor leisure or for living on on their boats - it’s like shutting down a major road. They have psoldiers guarding the entrances.

Really? I didn’t know this, thanks. Here I was laughing at the humorous delivery and ended up learning something about this – what is it? – terrorism.

:stuck_out_tongue: MeanOldLady you kill me.

That sign is so fucking funny.

I know you were laughing due to the delivery. Hence me saying that the phrasing’s funny. Yes. It was funny.

But in addition to that, the whole terrorism thing is one of the reasons that some people thought London was a terrible place to have the Olympics. I mean, there was a fairly big terrorist acttack in London less than 24 hours after the Olympic bid was successful, so it’s not exactly being Chicken Little to think ‘oh bugger, we’re gonna get bombed again.’ And the govt has used this as an excuse to act like even bigger arseholes than usual.

My great uncle was a Lake Placid resident and he was involved in the 1932 Winter Olympics (he was a woodworker and he made some of the skis and sleds for the American competitors). Forty-eight years later, he was still alive when they were planning the 1980 games. And some people invited him to join some committees as an honorary member in order to create a connection with the old games.

He told them it had taken the town decades to recover from the 1932 games and he thought bringing the Olympics back was a terrible idea. He did not join any committees.

I think that generally speaking, support for the 2002 games in Salt Lake City was quite high beforehand, and they were generally seen as a success afterwards by the people in the area. Apart from, you know, all the scandals. One factor was probably that most of the infrastructure was already in place, so not a huge amount of money needed to be spent. At least, that’s my ill-informed impression.

Yes; we’re world famous for complaining, queueing, complaining about queueing to others in the same queue.

We complain a lot, and typically, address our complaints at people powerless to address them, so they just sort of circulate and snowball.

Manchester Airport: 11-year-old schoolboy’s stowaway flight to Rome prompts Government investigation

I’m guessing this does not bode well for security.


Having visited Calgary Olympic Park (admittedly, it was 14 years ago, which is only 10 years after the actual Olympics had been held), I’d say the luge run, at least, is anything but a white eleplant. There were plenty of tourists (including me and my wife) willing to fork over some dough to luge.

Londoners had bombs falling on them during the war. WTF ever happened to “Keep Calm and Carry On”? I’m really disapponted. It’s a bunch of sporting events! People are going to have a great time! Top-flight athletes from around the world are going to show us couch potatoes what they are capable of. New records will be set, or even shattered! It’s going to be grand and glorious and tremendously exciting. People will go and have experiences they will never forget.

Jeez. As we say in America, just suck it up and deal, people!

My biggest fear is that American athletes will go and get into trouble or make asses of themselves. :smack:

Even then, we apparently needed posters to remind us to do this.

My recent revival thread on my memories of the 1972 Munich Olympics doesn’t really mention much how the locals felt leading up to the games.

Many locals in Munich scheduled their vacations at that time, so they could avoid the crowds and overpriced food/drinks/taxis etc. Quite a few of them sublet their apartments to visitors while they ran off to other countries for beach vacations or whatever.

Muencheners were pretty proud of their city and the construction and preparations that year. On almost every corner of the city, people had pins on their clothing that let you know which languages they could speak and were there to help tourists who were lost or had questions. They had spent a fortune on building the new stadium and Olympic village. So for the most part, Germany (and especially those in Munich) were pretty happy to share what they thought would be a hugely successful and great event. Sadly, that was not to be the case.

It’s not all moaning. Plenty of people are enthusiastic about it. People have been lining the streets just to watch the torch being carried around the country.