Resolved: Fred Goldman is an asshole

I haven’t seen any one say it was impossible. Not anyone worth caring about, at least.

As someone who is against this book and what it stands for, I can think of a few valid reasons for releasing it. Changing one inconsequential opinion around ain’t one of those reasons.

In some cases that may be true,but to try and make Mr Goldman the evil one is sad, The injustice that was given to the Brown’s and Goldmans, when such a terrible crime was commited is hard to take.

In my opinion. As far as the Glove not fitting is a crock, There was many times in my life I grabbed my little one’s gloves that didn’t fit,when mine were too wet even though I couldn’t get my hand all the way in,and I have had leather gloves that shrunk after being wet and dried.

OJ has pleanty of money to leave to his Children and he should have known that Killing (and the earlier beatings) Nicole would have an effect on his children. OJ’s daughter is now about 18 and if she remembers the night Nicole and Ron were murdered she could remember her father’s voice and know her father was the one who deprived her of a mother and any inheritance.

I would think that Mr Goldman saw the Book as a slap in the face to the 2 families,and it could have been very upsetting. As for the Brown’s They are blood relatives of OJ’s 2 youngest children and because of that just want the past behind them. Goldman’s case is different.

As for why Goldman didn’t want to write a book could be because he had no intention of making Money over Nicole and Ron’s death. It was just because that OJ intended to make money and this was one way he could get some satisfaction knowing that OJ would’nt profit from his murders.


While ensuring that he would profit.

I think that’s the key.

Fred Goldman wrote His Name Is Ron: Our Search for Justice in 1997.

And how did that sell?

Seriously? If there is anything to get obsessed about then the man who murdered my son has to top that list. I can’t even imagine the amount of self-restraint it takes not to kill OJ stone cold dead each and every day.

Obsessed? He’s allowed to be.

Sure he is allowed to be obsessed, but he doesn’t have the right to be a insensitive hypocritical asshole without being called on it. Unfortunately, he is not the only victim in this situation, and I think it’s unfair for him neglect the feelings of the others involved to line his own pockets.

As a number of posters have pointed out, he’s really not lining his own pockets per se. That you chose to ignore that is your problem.

I guess you missed this part.

I think taking 90% of the profits for yourself can reasonably be called lining you own pockets. There is no other reason to publish the book. It would not have been released by the publisher without his intervention. It had already been shelved, and the money they gave OJ had already been spent. There nothing for him to gain except money. Just because he decided to equate money with justice doesn’t mean we all have to pretend that that makes sense. Not to mention it was Goldman himself who thought it would be despicable to release such a book when it was OJ releasing it. I’m sorry, but even if he saw some value in releasing the book, he didn’t have to keep 90% of the profits. I don’t care if it’s only 17 cents per book, it’s blood money.

They are just phony people. Even their website, the Ron Goldman Foundation for Justice seems to be a sham. I hope I’m wrong about this, but I find it hard to believe that this foundation which hopes to inspire, assist, and empower victims of crime is still in the process of building their website 13 years after the murders :dubious:. Show me something this organization, which will receive a portion of the profits from the book, has done. The Goldmans are all about money at this point, and that is sad. They could have directed their focus towards actually helping victims of crimes instead of punishing ones like Denise Brown.

As was pointed out upthread, Goldman has significant debts in the form of legal fees. It’s not unreasonable for him both to prevent Simpson from profiting from the book and to get some money out of it to pay down his own debts.

Again, Goldman was thrust into this situation due to the murder of his son. The murder is flaunting his avoidance of justice. As I noted, I think Goldman has been incredibly restrained through this entire process.

Goldman did not have to sue OJ and go into those debts in the first place. Regardless of what he thinks, it didn’t “prove” anything. People who think he’s innocent still think he’s innocent. And people who thought he was guilty already thought he was guilty. The whole thing was pointless.

As for his previous book, His Name is Ron, it appeared on the best seller list for awhile, so I’d imagine it sold pretty well when it came out. I can’t imagine too many copies are selling today though.

I’m not trying to pick a fight with you in regard to this issue, Annie, and I have no particular dog in this fight, but do you have any cites to illustrate this? I’ve always thought that O.J. scrupulously insisted that no aspersions be cast upon Nicole by his defense team, and I’ve assumed the same has held true since his trial. FWIW, I haven’t heard or read anything negative that O.J. has had to say about Nicole since the murders.

My, but isn’t OJ a saint,he savagely murdered Nicole then didn’t want anyone to say bad things about her, nor did he!!!


Exactly. Plus, he could have solicited funds for a private charity to contribute to his legal fund. Many of the people who will buy the book now will do so in order to “help” the Goldmans. However, he didn’t have to release the book to make that money. If he is only making $.17 per book as he says he is, there are plenty of people who would rather donate that money to his legal fund than to buy this awful book.

I never said O.J. was a saint, nor did I imply support for him. I simply hadn’t heard or read any negative comments O.J. has made about Nicole since the killings, yet Annie refers to multiple interviews where he’s done just that. We are supposed to be about fighting ignorance here, right? So, where does the ignorance lie…with me for being unaware of Simpson’s comments; with Annie for attributing comments in multiple interviews to O.J. that he never made (again, not saying this is so, Annie); or with you for apparently espousing the POV that any critical comment about O.J. should be accepted at face value simply because he’s a murderer?

IIRC, at the civil trial, he claimed that SHE beat HIM.

My point is that OJ is the one who made it hard for his children, they will be the one’s suffering along with the Goldman’s and Brown’s.

His daughter must be about 18 now and she may look up the transcripts of the trial and see that her Father killed her mother,and may even remember the quarrel from the night of the Murders.

I do not admire OJ because he didn’t want Nicole’s name drawn through the mud. He did the worst thing that could happen to her and their children. They live with that every day.


Thanks for the answer. I think part of the problem is that it may appear to you that I’m implying that O.J. is admirable for not drawing Nicole’s name through the mud, and that isn’t the case at all. I was merely making a factual observation in regard to his instructions to his defense team following the murders and what I’ve heard (or haven’t heard) since then, and in the name of fighting ignorance and all ( :slight_smile: ), I wanted to know whether he had done a 180 from his previous position or that perhaps comments he hadn’t actually made were being wrongfully attributed to him. In other words, I think it’s wrong, fighting ignorance-wise, to attribute comments to someone that they didn’t actually make, their guilt or innocence in other regards notwithstanding.

Now, I don’t know what O.J. instructed his defense team at the trial, but here you go. It seems the main problem the Brown family had with the book was the complete trashing of Nicole’s character in it. So I don’t think O.J.'s above drawing her name through the mud anymore. Makes me wonder what life has been like for the Simpson kids, actually. Haven’t they been living with O.J. all this time?

Okay, thank you for the info. Apparently the interviews Annie was referring to were interviews Simpson did regarding the book, and since I haven’t followed any of the brouhaha regarding the book, I was unaware of them.