Restaurant reommendation needed for Reading, PA

Can anyone recommend a decent, casual restaurant in the vicinty of the movie theater at 30 North 2nd Street? I’ll have about an hour and a half to kill with a friend tomorrow night before a movie. I’d like to keep the cost under $20 or so, exclusive of drinks. Any suggestions?

Nothing there, huh?

Let’s move this from IMHO to Cafe Society and give it another shot, o.k.?

Don’t know the town. But my Garmin lists these for a start.

Cafe de Gemelli .1 mil SE
Jimmie Kramers Peanut Bar Restarurant .2 mi E
Butlers Pantry .2mi E
Marvel Ranch .2 mi E
Borelli Hotel .2mi E
Original Rib Joint .2 mi NE
Just a Little Soul Food .2 mi E
Marias Lounge & Restaruant .2mi E
Santios Seafood & Meats .2 mi E
Pan Cafe Columbia .2 mi SE
Speckled Hen Cottage Pub & Ale .3 mi SE

This chowhound post mentions Judy’s on Cherry, which might fit the bill. Google maps has it two blocks away from your theater.

Never been to Reading before, but chowhound’s recommendations aren’t too bad, in my experience.