Restaurant style kids activity page

My wife wants to produce a restaurant kids menu style activity page for use the amusements of both kids and competitive adults at our daughters upcoming wedding. I am looking for websites, or even software that will facilitate said production. It needs to have like word search, anagrams, and whatever else they generally place on those things. might be a good start. I didn’t look around everywhere, but there seem to be word searches and other word puzzles there. has a bunch of mazes, I think pdfs, which you can print off and probably use. has some printable colouring pages. Seems to have a lot of things you can use.

As for how, I’d print things out, maybe shrink them down, glue them onto a larger sheet in the order I want, then photocopy (or, if you want something quite big, get a copy service to do it)

This is a GREAT idea for kids at a wedding! My mom put together something similar for my wedding, getting large sheets of paper and coloured crayons and telling the kids to draw a picture for the bride and groom. It’s been 8 months, and one of the youngest kids (about 4) asked us if we still had his picture!

One other small thing that was a total hit with the kids was glow-sticks. My mom bought a bunch at a dollar store and the kids went wild with them! Our reception location had an attached semi-closed balcony which was a little dark, and the kids went out there and ran around like mad! It was cool to see the silhouettes of these children, with these glow sticks!