I Am Officially An 'Old Geezer"
Somewhere during the first few days of January 2016 I decided I had enough and applied for Early Retirement through the USA Social Security Program.

I have been approved and will get my Direct Deposit sometime in February.

I plan on taking my somewhat limited savings and buying a cheap hotel room in downtown LA for fun and giggles, and hopefully attract the attention of a Hollywood producer in a cheesy action movie for the princely sum of $xxx.xx a week.

AMTRAK to LA. Walk around looking at the sights. One night at a Hollywood Hotel, then get a cheap room where one bars the door with plywood with vicious cats for defense and breakfast at XXXX hole in the wall.

I just finished Otto Friedrichs’ “City of Nets”.
This could be fun! Don’t dissuade me as I have magical powers.

Anyone in?

I only live a few miles from downtown LA, if yu need rescuing call me. I retired a few years ago and enjoy doing just what you are talking about, I usually do it in smaller towns though. I have a friend who rented out his home in Berkley and rented a cheap room downtown to write a book. Been there 10 years now and loves it. Still hasn’t finished his book.


We’re a few years away from retiring, though we do already own a retirement condo for when the time comes. Of course, the slight hitch with THAT is that it’s occupied by my in-laws…

Got to get things paid off before we can consider it, sadly. Kids’ college and so on.

I got a far as the curb (taking out trash) and decided to wait for spring.

Hopefully run-down and creepy hotels have cheaper rates then, although I can"t seem to find any on Kayak, Orbitz, et al.

Oh, I am going to need a manual typewriter that fits into a backpack.
…and a big bag of KitKats.
…plus some Oscar Meyer hot dogs and white bread buns.
I have big plans. :wink:
I have a screenplay ready in my head. I just need the proper setting.
I wonder which dumpsters in LA have free WiFi. Nobody seems to know.

I didn’t realize retirement would be this difficult.
Decisions, decisions.

10 years for a book?
I must meet this person and offer to help.
Revisions can be you own worst enemy.

Kids come first.
Hmm, you have just given me a new plot point.
I sure wish I had that manual typewriter just so I could keep Mister Whiskers the Cat on edge tonight with the clackety clack and DING!