Retroactive embarrassment

I’ve been walking almost daily and I have this one favorite pair of sweats that I wear. They are capri length and have lots of pockets so I can carry my phone and keys and stuff. Problem is, I wear them almost every day so yesterday I decided to brave Wally World, where I originally purchased them and see if I could find another pair.

No luck but I did find something comparable, on sale so I bought two pair. When I got home from work I put on a pair, leaving the tag hanging down the back just in case they didn’t fit (I didn’t try them on when I bought them because I was pressed for time). Then I put on my walking shoes and strapped on my MP3 player and went for a long walk. My walk was about 2.5 miles and ended at the grocery store near my house where I shopped for dinner supplies. Then I walked through the strip mall and back home.

I made a lovely dinner for my husband and was enjoying it with him when I got up to get some more wine and he said “what’s that?” and tugs at something hanging out of the back of my new sweat pants.

That’s right, I didn’t remember to take the tag off my new sweat pants. I walked through my neighborhood, down the walking path and through the grocery store with this big honkin’ tag hanging down to the middle of my ass. I hoped that maybe my long t-shirt covered it up but it doesn’t look like that’s the case. I can’t even remember how many people I passed on my walk. Dozens. Not to mention the folks behind me in line at the gocery store or dining outside the 3 restaurants that I walked past. :o

I don’t think my husband stopped laughing for a good 20 minutes.

I immediately went into my bedroom and pulled the tag off the other pair of sweats.

Heh. Reminds me of the morning I was on the up escalator at the commuter train station, and a very (very!) cute guy behind me said “Excuse me…” “Yes?” I said.

“Your skirt is unzipped.” (I had fastened the but not zipped the closure at the back.)


Once my boss said to me “now you’re going to laugh at yourself…hold still for a second.” She reached down to the leg of my (brand-new) jeans, and pulled off that sticky strip they put on them (the one with the sizing, so you can read the size while it’s folded up on the shelf at the store). Oh, yeah, I am SO cool. :o

That happened to me once as well… :smack:

I’ve had days when I was a student that I actually managed to go an entire day while wearing a t-shirt (with front breast pocket) on backward with no one telling me about it. I got home, only to discover that I’d looked like an idiot who couldn’t dress herself all day. Even better is when I went most of the day wearing a shirt inside out.

Some days I wonder if my brain was on vacation or permanently occupied with more pressing things than putting clothes on properly while in college.

I have two; first one, I was filing in an upper cabinet and standing on one of those little step stools. I was in the office of a busy furniture store and there were tons of customers and co-workers around. I look down and a pair of pantyhose is hanging out of my pant leg and draped down the step stool and onto the floor. Static electricity just adhered it to the inside of my pants.

My second one is better (and luckily it happened to a friend). She was up on a ladder in a tree in her cul de sac. She was pruning away and noticed all the husbands in the neighborhood were out on their front stoops. She looked down and her tube top had slipped almost completely to her waist. :eek: Nipples for everyone!

After working at a client’s site in another town, a colleague and I drove back, and stopped for a meal on the way. For starters, I had chicken wings in a delicious black sauce; I don’t remember what else I had.

During the rest of the meal, I was getting very nice smiles from the (very attractive) waitress, and did my best to flirt with her, for I was unattached at the time. Did I mention that she was very attractive?

After the meal, we continued on our journey, and my coworker dropped me off at my local pub, where I chatted to several people I knew whilst quaffing ale. Then I walked home, went to the bathroom and caught sight of my face in the mirror.

You’ve guess it - I had that chicken wing sauce smeared all around my mouth, even across my cheeks. Black sauce on white skin is highly noticeable. And nobody had mentioned it, not even my coworker.

At least it explains why the waitress was smiling at me so much.

In cases like this, most people probably thought you were making a fashion statement. If anyone asks about it, just roll with it.

About twenty years ago I got in a serious, head through the windshield, cut me out with the jaws of life car accident. Obviously I wasn’t conscious when the paramedics arrived and don’t remember anything about it.

Flash forward about 3 years where I’m riding to a wedding in a limo with the rest of my friend’s bridal party. All of a sudden the driver turns around and it’s a guy I had known years ago(another friend’s boyfriend, actually). We’re making small talk and getting reacquainted when he tells me he used to be an emt and did I realize that he was the one who got me out of my car after the accident and how funny it was when he cut off my clothes and I wasn’t wearing any underwear. Oh yes, hilarious.

Something similar happened to me. I was in a bad accident (yup, jaws of life to get me out of the car) and when I finally woke up in the hospital I couldn’t figure out what had happened to my clothes. I didn’t realize until later that they’d been cut off of me. :o At least I didn’t have to see those people later.

I once walked around the Boardwalk at Santa Monica for an hour with a string hanging out of my bathing suit. I wish it had only been a tag.

I’ve managed to do that with a polo. With, you know, buttons.

I’m going to be sorry I asked…


…what was it attached to on the other end?

Not attached to, but attached in
And yes, you are going to be sorry you asked.


When I was dating my husband, he was still living with his parents. We were hanging out at their house and decided to “go for a ride in the park”, which was our code for parking in the park and having a quickie in the backseat. His mother was very strick about pre-marital sex of any kind. Then we went back to his mom’s house for dinner.
She was unusually quiet during dinner, and refused to make eye contact with either of us. It wasn’t until I got home that night, that I noticed my blouse was on inside out. :o

Oh, it was attached to something and that something was, in turn, in something.

I’ll bet you are sorry, too.

A friend of mine was walking down the hall in her high school between classes, wearing a pastel-colored dress. One of her female friends suddenly came walking up RIGHT BEHIND her and said, “Go to the girls’ bathroom NOW.”

Yup, Aunt Flo had come to visit in a most obvious way. Urk.

I was an observer of what I’m sure was a case of retroactive embarrassment one day - across the street, too far away for me to talk to her, a young lady wearing a mini-skirt was walking to work with a backpack on. The backpack had hiked her skirt up in the back so her whole butt was hanging out (she did appear to have underwear or pantyhose on).