Return of the Describe the Next Doper thread (Game)

This thread lasted for awhile, and I gave other threads a chance to remain on the front page, so can we begin where we left off?
OP by SailBunny

Um, false?

The next doper will have worn a starfleet costume on at least one non-halloween occasion.

Or is that too generic?


The next doper is leaving for a family vacation in the next three days.


The next Doper has never had a broken bone.


The next doper has an unusual hobby.

Music composition, creative writing, art, cooking; I don’t think any of those are particularly unusual, so, false.

The next Doper has a scar in an unusual place.

true, I have a scar on my pinkie finger, from when someone stepped on it with ice skates on.

The next doper has been to an excellent concert recently

Not only been to, I was a featured soloist! :smiley: Yay me!

The next Doper has a tattoo.

False - my religion doesn’t allow tattoos (and I’m not a Holocaust survivor).

The next poster is not a baseball fan.

True…if we’re talking about the majors, watching it on TV, all that. I do love going to games at one of the three minor-league parks in the area, though.

The next poster is a football fan.

You got that right! Auburn and Titans. Vols and Commodores. SEC in general. Can’t wait for the season to get going.

The next poster lives on the same block as a donut shop.


The next poster isn’t an anime fan.

False. I like some anime.

The next poster knows how to juggle proficiently.

True. Nothing fancy, but I can do it.

The next poster can converse in a non-native language.

True. Two, actually. [/brag]

The next poster is a natural blonde.

True! English is it :smiley:

The next poster is in a long distance relationship.


Ok, not a natural blonde. Not a fake blonde either. My other one stays.

I did meet Long Time First Time online, but moved from Ohio to Indiana in order for us to be able to see each other more often.

The next poster has been the object of approving remarks after linking a photo of himself/herself in an SDMB thread.

Unknown. Does “Holy shit, that’s a loud shirt!” count as “approving?” :smiley:
The next poster has more than three pets.

True; four cats.

The next poster lives within 100 miles of their home town.

False, closer to 160.

The next doper has a secret they can’t tell anybody IRL, but wants to share with the Dope.