Return of the Jedi(s)

I gotta quick question, currently being in germany, and everyone talkin about star wars, it got me thinkin about the 3rd part, return of the Jedi, in german called “Rueckkehr der Jedi Ritter”
the der in there says that its plural (many jedi knights)
2 questions:
As in english the Jedi could be one or more jedi, what do u think? did he just mean luke or the general return of Jedi to the Galaxy?
And is ever jedi a jedi knight? i always thought a jedi knight was a high rank, one who was particularly good with a light saber…
like obi wan, who was beknighted for defeating maul.

whatcha think? is it a translation mistake?

der = singular. Die = plural auf Deutsch.

Or, I guess if it were a dative object, it could be ‘den’ and be plural, but not ‘der’ if I recall correctly…although I’m nowhere near fluent.

dudes, trust me, i know my german
Rueckkehr der JediRitter = many
Rueckkehr des JediRitters = one

thats still dont awnser my question though, so i’ll just ask a 3rd one, if Obi Wan the only true Jedi knight?
i remember Luke calling himself a Jedi knight in Jabbas palace, back then he wasnt even a normal Jedi

He was bluffing. At the end when he disabled Vader like Yoda told him to he says he is now a Jedi.

Oh and as for the Jedi singular, plural thingy, in English I think it was meant to be taken both ways. They might have muffed in in German or you might not be able to do it, I dunno the language enough to tell you.

But it’s pretty clear that the Return of the Jedi is singular (as Luke) and plural as he’s the first of the new Jedi (or so Yoda says). Or was it Obi-wan? I can’t remember.

yoda didnt really say there would be other jedi, obi wan said
“that boy is our last hope”
and joda said
“no there is another” … leia

Ok here is the problem with the title as I see it.

If Lucas meant the return of the Jedi (plural) as in the order then it is a weird organization where only 1 member constitues the whole group. For example If your last name is Rumplestilskin and you are the only living member of your family you would not refer to yourself as the Rumplestilskins would you?

If Lucas mean Jedi as singular, which Jedi did he mean? Luke was never a Jedi before so he can’t really return can he? If he is talking about Darth, well does that last second redemption really count as a return? Was he ever not a Jedi? I mean did he officially get kicked out or can you voluntarily quit, if so how do you rejoin? Don’t you need Yoda to give the “I confer upon you the title of Jedi Knight?” or something like that.
Maybe the Jedi are the blue glowing ghosts at the end, Kenobi and Yoda nad the cleaned up Anikin (they even gave him back his arm, how nice). Well If that’s the case Kenobi returned in ESB so wouldn’t that cancel out the idea that this was teh RETURN of the Jedi?
Who is really returning and from where?

Now I must go back to sleep

The Jedi are returning from oblivion – hence the line “not the last of the old, the first of the new.” I’m almost definate Obi-wan said it.

I always thought of it as singular, and hence that the translation was a mistake
Return of the Jedi was the awnser the Empire Strikes Back

Luke returned to defeat Vader
but this time Luke was a Jedi…

I always took it as singular…Luke was a Jedi in some sense in Empire, although an incredibly ill-prepared one. As far as Jedi go, he was one of three, so no matter what their qualifications used to be, I’m sure they lowered their standards for this case. He did have some training and abilities, so I took it as Jedi: stage one. So, the third could be Return of the Jedi and not be silly.

Although, if the original three movies were supposed to lead to another three like a lot of people believe, than having Jedi be plural would make sense. After Luke defeats Vader and the Emperor, in the books he goes on to start up a new academy to train people in the use of the force and brings back a resurrgence of Jedi. If Lucas did plan to continue the story after RotJ, then it would work. The fact Jedi can be singular or plural in the English language makes it a little difficult, but I always took it to be “Luke’s revenge.” The original tittle was “Reevnge of the Jedi,” don’t forget.

Or was that “REVENGE of the Jedi” (stupid fingers moving slower than thought).

Jedi Knight = Jedi. Same thing. Just someone who is no longer a Padawan (sp?) learner. Jedi Knight = they graduated with their Bachelor’s of Jediology degree.

As I understand it, the levels of Jedi are padawan, knight, master. Padawan is anyone at any stage of training, starting with the moment you get accepted. Knight is fully trained, and master is what you get called when you’re really good. Thus, in Episode IV, there is one of each left in the galaxy: Luke the padawan (although he’s never called that), Obi-Wan the knight, and Yoda the master.

Even without the movies for Episodes VII - IX, it makes sense for “Jedi” to be taken as plural. At the end of Return of the Jedi, there’s only one Jedi around, but I think it’s pretty clear that there will be more. Does the Jedi order officially return only when there are at least two? Of course not. Once you have the first of the new Jedi, the Jedi order has returned.

And there is the idea that Luke is bringing his father back to the Good Side, hence Anakin’s Return to the Jedi order and discipline.