Return of the Jedi - some observations & thoughts

Potential drinking game: whenever the phrase “Dark Side” is used, take a shot. For “Power of the Dark Side” - take a double.

What General Akbar was thinking when the Super Star Desroyer was, uh, destroyed: “I’m gettin’ too old for this shit.”

When the Emporer was doing his “Wizard of Wor” bit against Luke: Was he just toying with Luke, or was he having trouble killing him?

A personal note to Lando’s co-pilot: “Wipe your damned, uh, nasal flaps, or whatever the hell they are. You’re making me sick!”

“Hey Obi-Wan, your “Vader killed my father” explaination sucked. From a certain point of view.”

“I don’t think Luke whines quite as much in this movie.”

Hey, leave [bRotJ** alone. I just turned on the tv in time to see the last half of this movie, and, well, I didn’t get any studying done for the final I have tomorrow. I haven’t seen Jedi in a couple of years, at least, and I still seemed to know exactly what line was coming next throughout the entire frickin’ movie. And I still felt emotional at the same times that I did when I was 12 years old. Regardless of how good Empire Strikes Back was, Return of the Jedi is an awesome movie. There’s my thoughts. It just worries me all the more to imagine the new ones trying to be that good.

Although, I have to say that the new music for the Ewok-party at the end bothers me. It’s all the same footage and new music, it’s like watching one tv show and listening to another one. Creepy.

And yes, that was the least well coded post I’ve ever made. :o See, I know how to post, I really do!

Harrison Ford acts like a total dweeb in this movie.

Yeah, so had Leia “always known” that Luke was her brother, especially when she gave him that huge smooch in Empire, just to make Han jealous?

Incest plotlines give me the willies!

“My name is Luke Skywalker. You are my father. Prepare to die.”

(Yes, I stole that from some else…)

Isn’t it? What’s really weird is that I’ve had the original music stuck in my head all night.

And I’ll also admit to having a soft spot for Jedi – it was my favorite of the trilogy when I was little. Though I’ve never been able to watch it the same way since reading that Brunching Shuttlecocks article that speculates that the only real rule to the Force is that to become a blue ghost you have to die in front of Luke… :smiley:

The really cool part is that it was written before Phantom Menace came out, but TPM manages to back up the theory… :wink:

Yes! I was waiting for the “old” end music to come on, and it didn’t! I know the “old” music kind of sucked, but it was originally shown with that music, and it’s just weird to change it now.

I was one of the geeks that waited in line in front of the Egypytian Theatre in Hollywood to see the premiere, lo, so many years ago. (The other premieres were in the Chinese Theatre, I believe. I don’t know if there was a line for “Star Wars”, but I did see “Empire” on the first day, along with all the other geeks.)

Anyway, during Jedi, I was going to art school, and had to get out of line (some friends were saving my spot) to go to a night class, and then come back to get in line. I remember my dad (good Star Wars fan that he was) going out of his way to shuttle me back and forth to art school and the theatre, in time to see the movie. I was so tired after the hectic day (waiting in line, going to school, getting back in line) that I think I may have dozed off during the movie. I don’t remember.

The new generation of Star Wars geeks that are waiting in line in front of the Chinese are serious, hardcore fans. Probably a lot of them are from my era (I know my friend Emily will be there in line!) and then you probably have the kids of the first era of fans, and then younger fans, and … well, it’s obviously gotten HUGE. Back in my day (gather around me, kiddies, as I tell you about “the old days”) people started to wait in line a few days in advance, and that was it. (I never waited that long. Maybe a total of 12 hours, off and on, for the day before the showing.) With Episode 1 and now 2, people have started to wait in line about a month or so in advance. It’s just crazy, I tell you!

Well, that was a nice bit of nostalgia I went through. I know, I do ramble. I WOULD be waiting in line (just for the day of the premiere) this time, but it’s too far of a commute from Hooterville, where I am currently exiled.

Can’t imagne why anyone trashes this movie. After all, look at the brilliantly original climax: the rebel fighters blow up the Death Star! Wow, where have we ever seen anything like that in a movie before?

Oh, and you’ve got to love those Ewoks. Some people see them as pathetic pandering to the toy market. I think they’re brilliantly realized fantasy creations. You do have to wonder, though: if they can wipe out the empire’s military forces with nothing but sticks and stones, why hasn’t the empire been overthrown long ago?

And when we finally see Papa Skywalker’s face, it’s such a bold, imaginative touch to have him resemble Uncle Fester from THE ADDAMS FAMILY.

Man, has it gotten popular to bash Star Wars and it’s sequels these days. Hey, I’m not a fan of the Ewoks, but they’re just another part of the story. I guess it’s “cool” now to hate Star Wars, and act like you always hated it.

I never “got” the opinions put forth like ScriptAnalysts. The Death Star ideas was actually pretty good, overall. I mean, a planet destroying superwarship as powerful as a fleet works pretty good. And it would have assured total obedience in the galaxy. Military commanders don’t abondon good ideas because they fail once. The best ideas for a time often require years of refinement and attempts.
And what the heck did you think the man was going to look like? Richard Gere? Leonardo DiCaprio? He wears the mask for a reason! (Aside from the rapid death he’ll have without it.)

Yeah, it has. Granted, I’m a fanboy. I realize the Star Wars movies aren’t perfect. Even I have gripes about the series. But yeah, it seems in the past few years it’s worth about 20 Cool Points to not like Sw, never have liked SW, or never have seen SW.

Since I watch Return of the Jedi, so I watched the second half, after Survivor.


The fight on space, “this fully operational” Death Star blasting a cruiser with one shot, “BOOM”. The fighter and Falcon run into the core was cool.

The Emperor (who looked a little off- a big black blotch on his head, by his cape was constantly seen on my cable system) had some great lines- I enjoyed his taunting of Luke, and pleasure in watching Vader get whooped. Nice.

Chewy getting his own walker and turning the tables on the Imperials.

James Earl Jones

Leia as a metal clad love toy

Seeing inside Vader’s helmet.

Watching the mortally wounded Vader toss the Emperor down the power tunnel.


I have always known (cough, cough B.S.)

Ewoks instead of wookies.

Some pretty sad acting.

Way too many puppets.

The effects have not stood the test of time very well.

Sudden Imperial Incompetance Syndrome.

Still, not bad overall. Still it’s no Empire Strike Back

Hey Easy e, she kissed him to Star Wars too “for luck”.


Usually I find your script analyses to be fair, insightful, and illuminating. And I agree with you about the climactic scenes (both the space battle and the Luke/Vader/Emperor). Even when I first saw ROTJ, I thought it they were so poorly done it was almost anti-climactic. But Vaders face looking like that… there’s a reason it looks that way. (And maybe the effect could have been done better, but that is a seperate criticism.) Or did you miss the whole man vs. machine subtext? (Hint: Vader lost.)

yeah, elf6c, I realize that, but it wasn’t as passionate a kiss. Eew.

Hey, I’m not arguing with the rational behind Vader’s look; I’m saying the actual makeup was no good. As you say, I think “the effect could have been done better.”

Now may I point out that the Ewoks don’t defeat the Empire. After the initial surprise which allowed the Rebels to get their weapons and start fighting back, for the following battle scenes you are treated to nothing but Empire teddy bear squashing. The At-Sts and Stormtroopers are blasting the crap out of them (remember the illfated Hang Gliding Ewok and the couple who are separated by the cold grip of Imperial laser death) It is not until Chewie commandeers a Walker that the tide of battle changes. You also have to take into consideration that although they quickly disappear from view in the movie there is a Squad of Rebel Commandos engaging the Empire as well.

I personally love the three battles at the end of Jedi. You have the personal battle between Luke and Vader (w/ the Emperor), the fate of the Galaxy battle in Space, and the battle for survival on Endor. Top knotch!

And the Jabba’s palace scene kicks ass.

Although the Sarlaac looks like a giant bunghole with hemorhoids.

Yeah, Guin, but can you think of anything scarier? :smiley: