Return of the Librarian

OK, so the original was campy, I still enjoyed it. I just saw on TBS that the sequel will be out Dec 3rd.

I’ll probably watch it (if I remember.)

Tomorrow night, I’m there! I love the first Librarian movie, especially since that’s my line of work as well.

The Librarians at work had great fun playfully mocking the first one. I hope they remembered to record the sequel.


The original was pretty silly, but watchable if you have some time to waste. I’ll definately be there tomorrow for the sequel.

The original had some damn funny parts, but I guess it was unintentionally comical seeing Bob Newhart in a fight scene, 'cause he was pretty bad at it.

Have a banana.

Alright, I’m bumping, because I know I’m not the only one who watched it. Hell, I Tivo’d it, because I wanted to sit down and enjoy it.

I can’t help it. I like cheesy adventure movies. I like Noah Wyle. How could these two things together be bad?

Okay, stupid question. Of course it’s bad. But what’s so enjoyable is that the filmmakers, actors, and TNT knew it was bad, and went ahead anyway. Why? Because we like it.

I’ll say I liked the first one better, but if they make a third, me and my Tivo will be there. :slight_smile:

I confess that, although I started the thread, I didn’t finish it. It didn’t catch me, even though I like cheesy adventure movies too. I will likely watch it some day, I’m sure that they’ll show it again, but I didn’t have the attention span that particular night.