Reuters Headline: "Mass evacuation from Lebanon peaks"

What about all those unfortunate people in the valleys?

Regarding a continued lack of gender parity in hiring Concordia’s new department head in charge of student services:


headline from 1010 WINS:

Dr. Who Blew Up His House Left No Will

Well, I guess that lets out another Dr. Who series, then . . .

My personal favorite headline since its publication:

Rosie weds longtime girlfriend, slams Bush

We have a win-nah!

When I first read that headline 2.5 years ago, I laughed hard enough to cause my sides to hurt. I would like to issue my apologies in advance to any of you reading this thread who might suffer likewise. :smiley:

Lebanon Peaks, MA? Never heard of it. Is that where the Patriots play nowadays? Selective Service Stadium, right?

Fire Ends Standoff With Machete-Armed Men

I honestly thought for a second, “Men with machetes for arms? They would be dangerous!”

And it was ended by a wildfire?

Near-Riot Averted - so I guess we had a fully fledged one. Phew, that was close.

and two old favourites from WWII:

**Eighth Army Push Bottles Up Germans
MacArthur Flies Back To Front


There’s always the famous classic from the NY Post

Headless Body Found In Topless Bar

I always figured that was better than the other way around.

Or George Carlin’s joke headline: “Johnson sends Humphrey Abroad.”

Say it out loud; it’ll be funnier.

Teacher Strikes Idle Students