Reuters' new Format Sucks. Need Suggestions for new News Site.

Reuters World News had an awesome format where you could take in a lot of headlines quickly and most of the stories were not “infotainment.” Recently (today?) they have changed their format where you have to scroll down for each story and there is no end to the page.

Why does everything good eventually have to be changed by some idiot? Probably because that idiot needs a paycheck.

AP is lame because they are focused on the “news with a story/narrative” style.

BBC used to be good but have become more like CNN infotainment with sensationalist stories.

Google World News is OK I guess but kind of short.

Do you know of a good free site that just lists headlines of hardcore world news in a quick to view format?

So it seems that if you go to Reuters World News Headlines
it displays things in the old format, whereas World News Home has changed to the new format.

I was hoping you found a way to make Reuters look like it did two or three years ago; it used to be just a list of blue links of headlines you could click to go to the story. It looked just like the forums here.