REVENANT PC game question...

I don’t have this myself but a friend w/o Net access has been plaguing me to find the answer…

she is playing the Revenant game from Eidos but can’t find how to get the lockpick set she needs to advance-she says it should be relatively early in the game but has no idea where it is

If anyone knows the answer or where the answer is, I’d appreciate it

I don’t know anything about the game in question, but is the place I head to first with game problems. Stay off (most of) the forums, though.

Thanks- I already went there with no luck.

Come one, anyone? She’s gonna scream at me for not helping her if I don’t get the answer to this! I’ve waded through many sites with no results.

Although i haven’t personally played this game, here is the only decent hint i found (this is on btw). (this is between the druhg camp and misthaven… at the top of the ancient tower.

"The good news is that there is only one enemy to fight in the entire tower.The bad news is that the one enemy you are to fight is an ill-tempered dragon! Sidious is his name, and burning you to cinders is his game. He has 800hp, making him the toughest enemy you have faced thus far. General tips to win are to avoid his fire breath - not only does it hurt you, but you are temporarily unable to fight back. Now is a good time to practice the use of
the block button.

If you manage to defeat him, you will notice that there are 5 treasure
chests lining the wall. The first chest, on the far left, has:

  Diamond Ring
  Ocean Talisman
  Lesser Healing Potion

The second chest contains:

  Lesser Mana

The third chest hides the following:

  Lesser Mana Potion

The fourth chest yields:

  Lesser Restoration Potion
  Lockpicks "

Is that maybe it ?

Hopefully, that is the solution! Thanks, broken, I’ll let you know- I bow to your Buddha nature!